Back to School and Weslodge

For over a year now I've been toying with the idea of going back to school part-time. I've always had some type of excuse like no money, no time, no energy. But no matter how many times I've tried to erase that idea from my mind, something kept pulling me back to the same bookmarked pages of course offerings. So a couple of months ago I decided to just go for it! I figure if you really want to do something (and by something I mean Interior Decorating), you have to go after it and let nothing stand in your way. I don't have children yet so what better time than now. I must say it was a little intimidating going back to school in your early *cough* thirties but I'm up for the challenge and cannot wait to learn my A$$ off!

On another note, have any of you been to Weslodge on King West? I checked it out last weekend and absolutely loved the decor.

via Weslodge

I was greeted by the cool sign out front and that huge yellow door. Loved it. I walked in and was pleasantly surprised. It was totally unexpected, decorated like a modern saloon complete with taxidermy on the walls, old portraits and the staff were even wearing leather holsters.

via Weslodge

I loved the antique pendants overlooking the bar area...

via Weslodge

But the floor, oh the floor. That's what got me. It was gorgeous. I just love the spanish tile in black and white. I would LOVE to do a kitchen using a similar tile.

Sorry for the dark photos but you can still see how pretty that floor looks. So in love. Unfortunately, the food and the service didn't impress me as much as the decor did but I will say they have a delicious burger - I had a couple of bites! Have you been to any restaurants where the decor inspired you?

Happy Weekend All! xoxo

New Project - Dressing Room

via The Coveteur

I've posted about having a dream closet but I never thought I'd have the opportunity to design one! It turns out one of my besties Anh, is looking to transform her extra bedroom into a dressing room. We've been using the term 'closet' but in all honesty I think dressing room is a more appropriate term since it will be huge! I'm talking space for a shoe wall, a sitting area and a computer. AH-MAZING.

I'm super excited about this project for two reasons. One, I love her style. I'm actually in the process of helping her launch a fashion blog (more deets on that later). But here's a sneak peek from a recent photoshoot:

How fun is it to decorate a space when you already love their taste? The second reason why I'm super stoked is because she's always been one of my biggest fans and supporters (I'm talking girlfriends since fact you may notice she's a frequent commenter on this blog. Thanks Anh! xoxo).

So I've put together a quick colour palette based on her favourite colours (of course some other textures and a teeny bit of animal print will be thrown into the mix)

And a few inspiration photos to get started:

Loving the white walls and the large antique mirror...

Digging the colour, texture and typography combo here...

Every girl needs a good jewelry organizer...

This settee is gorgeous and the wallpapered shelves are a must...

I love how they framed bags to add colour and interest. Also that display case is gorgeous.

The extra room has been cleared and we're now starting to search for some key pieces for the room. Make sure to follow along to see the progress! You can also follow me on Instagram (amy_loveonsunday) and my Facebook page (Love On Sunday) for more updates. Happy Hump Day All!


via The Coveteur via The Coveteur, Garance Dore via The Coveteur, Elyse Walker via Jenna Lyons Closet from Trulia | via Jennifer Eisenstadt via Pinterest | via Pinterest, Ginger Snapped

Where Do I Start?

Since I started this blog, I've been getting a lot of people asking me about decorating tips. People moving into new homes or just wanting to re-vamp some areas. They always ask, where do I start, what do I do? Okay, I am by no means an expert and am super flattered that people ask me for my opinion because I love decorating and enjoy learning about people's spaces and how they live in them. So I've put together a short list on what I think would help pull together any space in your home. Here goes it:

  1. Take your time. Nate Berkus via Angela's Anxious Life

    It would be so easy to run to Ikea on a Saturday and git'r done all in one day. I suggest taking your time and finding the right pieces for your room that will suit your personality and the function of the space. I think a good space will develop over time, as you slowly discover things that you love and can incorporate into your home. Now, I'm not knocking Ikea in any way, they do have some great products for reasonable prices!

  2. Have a budget and stick to it. via

    It would be amazing to be able to buy whatever you want for your space but we all know life doesn't work like that and hey- that would be too easy, wouldn't it? Having a realistic budget makes it more challenging and alot more fun. Especially when you find great deals that are goosebump worthy (yup, a great deal gives me goosebumps!).

  3. Think about how you use the space (and be honest). via House & Home

    If you have 3 children under 10, do you REALLY want that white loveseat? You may have to settle for a washable slipcover instead. Love to entertain? Maybe an open concept with extra seating would be nice. Really think about how the space will be used and what makes sense for the individuals that use it.

  4. Check out the flea market and thrift stores. via NPR, The Record

    I always encourage this because you will never know what you'll find. Most items I find at thrift stores are so unique that they become conversation pieces. It's also easy on your wallet since you're paying a fraction of the price. Another bonus is you can make what's old new again and make it completely your own. Get creative!

  5. Let your personality shine through. via Nate Berkus

    With the rise of Pinterest, it's so easy to find inspiration photos anywhere. But why have your space looking like every magazine out there? Don't forget to make the space your own. Are you a book lover? Love to travel? Maybe you're into antiques? Make sure you inject those same passions into your space. If you love to read you can create a feature wall of books or fashionistas- why not showcase your collection of pumps? Go with what you love!

I hope that was helpful to some of you. Again, I am no pro but hopefully this will help you get started on thinking about some ideas for your space. Happy Hump Day!

Furniture Friday - The Man Cave

It's that time, ladies. Playoff season. Playoff hockey, playoff basketball and let's not forget baseball is in full swing. If you only have one television in your house I'm guessing you know all about playoff season. Unless of course the man in your life has his own cave. I had the talk with the BF about what furniture pieces he would absolutely need in his dream man cave. He said a chair and a tv. So simple, these creatures.

So I wanted to explore what other beaut manly things could be incorporated. When I think man cave I think tacky. But it doesn't have to be that way and I would definitely never let that happen in my house (sorry love if you're reading this, but it's true). It can be stylish, sporty and masculine all at the same time, no?. I know he would LOVE a lazy-boy recliner with a remote control and cup holder but how about a nice leather chesterfield?

via Rodja

Or a feature wall with some cool art. If he had it his way, this would probably be a shrine to Michael Jordan or a photo of the 1993 World Series champs...

via Hour Stories

This is not so much a cave since there's windows but it is a little more masuline nonetheless. I love the shelves at the far right. I'm picturing a collection of baseball caps there.

via Scioto Valley

I know my man would love this. But tea cups? No bueno. Beer bottles por favor.

via Three Potato Four

Ok, I'm absolutely loving the glossy black subway tile!

via Decor 8

Some appropriate signage perhaps?

via Ben Franklin

And who says a man cave needs to be dark and gloomy?

via Might & Wonder

What furniture and decor would your man want in his cave?

I see a certain someone's head shaking in disapproval right now so I'm going to end it here. Gents, even if you have a man cave, I think your girlfriend or wife should like it too. Because chances are, we'd be the one to help decorate and clean it. It's only fair :)

Have a great weekend all! xoxo

Why I Blog

As much as I love Furniture Fridays, I'm switching it up today and taking part in a link up from the lovely Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition. So here are the reasons why I blog:

After highschool, I started an Interior Design degree but unfortunately I let my messed up priorities and insecurities get the best of me. I am now a full-time Graphic Designer and have no regrets. Decorating has always been my number one passion, I just took a detour to get here and that's ALL good. I feel like I have a much deeper appreciation for the history of furniture, design and decorating so I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

I'm the BAWSE. Working as a full-time graphic designer and doing freelance projects on the side can be exhausting and creatively draining. I did this for years to supplement my income and those who have done it know it's not easy. You work your tail off to meet the needs of your clients even when you may not agree wholeheartedly with the final design. This hilarious post from The Oatmeal comes to mind! So this blog is my baby. I am the client and I get to express myself any which way I please. It's therapeutic and creatively freeing!

Let's face it, you don't always have the opportunity to hone your skills during the 9-5. This blog not only helps me practice my graphic design and photography skills but it also helps expand my knowledge of HTML, CSS and social media. In addition, it helps me stay connected to family and friends and make some new friends through the vast community of talented bloggers. I have learned so much in the past months and it's so encouraging to be part of such a supportive community.

Everyone has different views on blogging. Some say it's narcissistic or that it's crazy town to share so much online. But when you love what you're doing, why not share it? I see it as a form of expression, a portfolio or an online identity. I wanted to start this blog years ago but was so deathly afraid because of all the negative voices in my head. But I am so glad I overcame that fear and went for it because I absolutely love it and have never felt so inspired.

So that's pretty much it. I am grateful to all of you who continue to read and take the time to leave comments and suggestions on here. Thank you so much!

Have a great weekend everyone! xoxo

Your Style.

via Instagram @westelm

I posted this quote by Billy Baldwin (not the actor but the decorator) on my Instagram a couple of days ago. Courtesy of one of my fave stores, West Elm. I love this quote because it pertains to style in every sense of the word. Whether it be decorating, design, fashion or art- everyone has their own taste. To me, styling a home is something very personal. It’s not about what’s trendy or what’s on the cover of this month’s Style at Home magazine, it’s about the function of the space and the people who live in it. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of people saying that they’re terrible at decorating and they don’t know what looks good together or they can’t figure out what colour to paint their living room. I always say that it’s important to figure out what it is you really love and inject that and your personality into your space. If you're honest with yourself and only choose the things you truly love, your place will never go out of style. It's YOUR home not Sarah Richardson's so do what you want because you love it and it's within your budget. Don't do it just because it's trendy. Especially if what's trendy is going to put you in major debt.

What are your passions? What colours do you love the most? What furniture styles are you drawn to? Once you figure out what your personal style is, you can then solicit the services of an interior decorator to help you stay within budget, find key pieces and just pull everything together.

One of the tools that really helped me was the Sproost quiz. It’s a quick 5 minute tool that helps you discover your personal style. It helped me tremendously before I started to redecorate my condo. Check out my results:

I’m not at all surprised with my results since I’m always torn between mid-century modern and french furniture. I’ve decided to give up on trying to choose just one because I love both. So what is your style? When you have some time, give it a go and let me know your results. I can’t wait to see what everyone’s gets!

Happy Almost Friday :)

Spring 2013 Colour Trends

via Pantone

If you haven't already heard, Emerald is Pantone's 2013 Colour of the Year. It seems some in the fashion world have already embraced this trend however, I'm curious to see if graphic designers and interior decorators will be incorporating this lively colour within their projects this year. In addition to Emerald, Pantone has also highlighted 9 other colours set to be making headlines this spring.

What do you think about Emerald and the Spring colour trends?

I love Emerald mixed with Black and White...


And can't forget about the Gents. Love the nectarine mixed with shades of blue...


Love the softness of dusk blue here...


and here...


I love the combo of turquoise and greyed jade here...


and I adore the mix of navy and emerald...



It's definitely fun to see what's new and exciting in the trend department but I've never been one to follow trends so closely and obsess about what's 'in'. I think it's important to pick the colours that you love and work within your home or wardrobe.

Happy Hump Day All! xoxo

Nate Berkus

I'm in love with Nate Berkus. Not only is he a pretty face, his designs are awesome and inspiring. His rooms look stylish and comfortable and I love how he mixes different styles of furniture and accessories all in one space. I'd love to take all my vintage furniture and second-hand treasures and put them all in one room. I'm not sure how pretty that would be but it would be my happy place, my sanctuary. I find when I'm surrounded by my favourite things (in a clutter-free room of course) I feel very zen-like and my creative juices start to flow. Call me crazy but it's true.

I love the mix of a modern sofa with some bergere chairs, warm wood and gold accents...

via Elle Decor

Loving the comfy sofa with bamboo chippendale chairs, french tub chair, antique dresser and graphic carpet...

via Elle Decor

I love everything in this room. From the frames to the coffee table to the tubular chair upholstered in leather...

via Nate Berkus

I love how the sleek chrome legged chairs are upholstered black and tufted. They are a perfect contrast to the ornate frame on the wall...

via Nate Berkus

Are you inspired yet? Because I sure am. I'm also super excited for the Target to open in my town so I can finally check out the Nate Berkus line in person.

To see more of his style you can check out his interview with Elle Decor here or head over to Architectural Digest to see how he renovated his NYC Apartment:

Living Room Progress

After 2 years of living in our condo, I'm happy to report that our living area is almost complete. I knew I wanted something soft, stylish yet comfortable and the most difficult part was figuring out how I was going to achieve that in such a small space. I really gravitate towards a clean and classic white & grey palette with hints of colour so I knew it definitely had to be a light colour scheme. So after trying 5 different rugs, 4 different coffee tables and 3 different wall treatments we've finally decided on this...

We still need to accessorize with some colourful pillows and strip our teak coffee table but so far so good. I'm beyond excited!