Wedding Planning

hawaiian wedding decor

Holy crap, I'm getting married. I've been shouting it from the rooftops and posting it everywhere just because that's me and I'm so excited! But in terms of planning I've put in minimal effort because life has been pretty busy. We definitely want a smaller wedding and that in my culture is sometimes tricky. If you have any Filipino friends you will quickly learn two things about us.  1.  We love to eat and 2. we are all related. Not in the incestuous way but in the 'my cousin's cousin is my cousin too' kind of way. We're just one BIG happy family! Good friends are family and you better believe that when you get invited for dinner, your ass will eat 3 meals before leaving the party. Guaranteed.

What I have been thinking about, which is no surprise, is the decor and the invitations. I've always pictured an intimate setting, maybe outdoors with pretty stringed lights and lanterns or an amazing restaurant with delicious food. I even thought about an upscale or casual bbq inspired by Sherry and John of Young House Love. Here are a few of my inspiration images:

wedding planning

Since I'm a graphic designer, I of course will be designing my own invites and I'm really loving these...

So my married ladies, I ask you...what knowledge can you bestow upon me? Advice for wedding planning? Advice on where to start? What not to do? I plan on enjoying every bit of this planning process and not lose sight of what the day is really about: it's about our marriage, our future and 2 families coming together to celebrate!

P.S. The title photo was taken by moi at my girlfriends hawaiian wedding which was gorgeous! You can check it out here.

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