Thrifted Thursday with Tiffany Leigh Interior Design

thrifted thursday, tiffany leigh interior design, elte rug I remember searching for local bloggers and Tiffany's blog was among the first I discovered. What really resonated with me upon first glance was her passion, drive and creativity. This girls got crazy skills (check out her Watercolour Wednesday series) and I really commend her for moving to another city to study her true passion, Interior Design.  So I'm beyond thrilled to have Tiffany here today!

Hi all! I'm so happy to be here today to share with you my favourite Thrifted find....although I have to admit when Amy asked me to pick one I had a bit of a panic! Being a full time student (studying interior design - hollla!) means that almost every piece in my tiny studio apartment is thrifted, and I love them all. Finally I decided on one piece that is definitely my biggest thrifting win.

Fave Thrifted Find:

Elte vintage wool rug, handwoven in Pakistan

tiffany leigh interior design, thrifted thursday, elte rug

Where is this piece from:

I found this rug at my first ever estate sale, which was an adventure in and of itself! I ran around the house like a mad woman but everything was already sold. I hung my head and was about to leave when I noticed this beauty under a dining room table and could not believe my luck that it still had a price tag on it! I snatched it up right away.

What drew you to this piece:

At the time I visited the estate sale, I was studying Textiles at school and had just learned how to spot a high quality rug. I could tell that this piece was a rare treasure. Best of all was the price, only $95, and it's huge at 8' x 10.5'. When I got home the tag on the back of the rug confirmed that the rug is from Elte, is 100% wool and was hand woven in Pakistan. More importantly than any of that, I found this rug absolutely beautiful, graphic and showstopping. I knew that it would go perfectly in my studio and that the black would help ground my airy space. The pinks and mint blues in the rug stole my heart too.

Describe any work you did to give it new life:

All this baby really needed was a good cleaning. I sent it off to a reputable local rug cleaner in Toronto and it came back looking and smelling great. I also got the rug appraised. I couldn't believe the value they came back on - let's just say this rug is a very valuable piece that I plan on passing along as a family heirloom.

Thrifted Thursday Tiffany Leigh Interior Design, Elte Rug

How do you use this piece in your home:

I use this piece to anchor the living room portion of my studio. It helps to define the space and add to the layered, collected feeling I have created.

love on sunday, tiffany leigh interior design, thrifted thursday, elte rug
Tiffany Leigh Interior Design, Thrifted thursday, elte rug, love on sunday
Thanks so much for having me, Amy! I hope you will all stop by my blog, Tiffany Leigh Interior Design, and say hello!
Thrifted Thursday, Love On Sunday

Isn't that rug divine?  A 100% wool, handmade rug is definitely hard to come by and for that price, how can you go wrong?    What a steal!  Tiffany's blog has become a daily read of mine and I suggest you add it to your reading list as well!

A big thanks to Tiffany for sharing her favourite piece and sending over these gorgeous photos!

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