Thrifted Thursday with Lesley Metcalfe

I love connecting with local bloggers especially the ones that love thrifting and decorating so I was both excited and flattered when Lesley contacted me to take part in #ThriftedThursday. This girl loves antiquing and is also studying interior decorating so I couldn't be happier to have her here today. Take it away, Lesley!...

Hi there, Love On Sunday readers! I'm Lesley and I'm delighted to be featured on Amy's Thrifted Thursday series. I'm a big fan of Amy's style, and I love reading about and seeing her projects and the images that inspire her. I've stopped by today to share my favourite thrifted piece of furniture with you.


My favourite thrifted item is this marble-topped antique cabinet

This piece was given to me from my boyfriend. It's an antique that had been in his family for years. I love browsing thrift shops for great furniture, but I was lucky in this case to have received a piece that comes with a traceable history.

What drew you to the piece:

The grey-veined white marble top on this cabinet is definitely its best feature. It's complimented by intricate carved detailing in the wood below.

Describe any work you did to give it new life:

This cabinet was in rough shape from years of use - one of the back legs was missing and it needed freshening up overall. I appreciated the classic, elegant features of the piece and I wanted to maintain them, but I also wanted to make it a little more modern. There were two large corbels at the front of the cabinet on either side of the doors that I removed (they were just a little too ornate for my liking) and I filled the holes they left with a wood filler. After giving the surface a light sand, I painted it with four cans of Krylon Gloss Black spray paint. I then applied a couple of coats of acrylic polyurethane so that it resembles a lacquer finish.

how you use/display it:

This marble-topped cabinet is the bar area in my living room. It's large enough to offer both display space and functional space. I can display my frequently served bottles on top with some glasses, and extras in the cupboard underneath (I especially love the new antique silver tray I purchased, it works perfectly with this bar). Bar tools are kept in the drawer. There's enough space on the counter for pouring drinks and cutting up limes, with room to spare for a vase of flowers, or a lamp, or with whatever else I'm in the mood for styling my bar with!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite piece of furniture as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you! Please feel free to stop by my blog anytime at Thanks very much Amy, for having me as a guest!

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