Thrifted Thursday with Gwen of The Makerista

thrifted thursday, the makerista I'm so excited to have Gwen from The Makerista here today. I found her blog several months ago and I've been hooked ever since. She is one talented lady and I'm sure you will agree!

your favourite thrifted item

My Dining Room Set

thrifted thursday, the makerista

where you bought the piece from

I got the table and 6 chairs off of Craigslist.  The man I bought the table from cleared out estate sales after they were over.  It still had the sticker from the sale on it for $900, but I got it for $100.  It seemed like too good of a deal to pass up!

what drew you to the piece

Prior to this we had a rather large, counter height, square table.  It was nice that our black lab couldn't get to anything on it, but it was difficult to do projects at (I like to letter, and the height was awkward for that) and too high for our son to sit at.  It was also really contemporary which is not really my style.  I was drawn to the pedestal base, classic details of this piece and the color of the stain.  Not having to paint or strip and re-stain is always a bonus in my books!

thrifted thursday, the makerista

describe any work you did to give it new life

The wood was in pretty good shape, I just used some Restor-A-Finish to give it a good drink and fill in any small scratches.  The upholstery was also in good shape, but not what I was looking for - a vertical stripe of blues and golds.  I thought that the chair fabric needed to be something fresh and a contrast to the style of the chairs, so I went with a black and white striped outdoor fabric and upholstered it on the horizontal to further modernize it.

thrifted thursday, the makerista

how you use/display it

We use it every day, and it really works well for us!  We keep the table as a round with 4 chairs and keep two in front of the fireplace.  It's nice to have a leaf and the extra seating if we need it, but I like the space a small table gives our dining area.  The back door is used often and the smaller table makes it easy to get to.  Sometimes people put drinks or hot things on the top that leave a ring, but a little mayonaisse or Restor-A-Finish has taken care of them.  I figure for $100, if I have to refinish the top at some point or I decide to splurge on something different, I certainly got my money's worth.

thrifted thursday, the makerista

the makerista

I'm always amazed at what people find for crazy prices. $100? Yes, please. The dining set looks beautiful in her space and that fabric is perfection, just the right touch to modernize it!

Thanks so much for sharing today, Gwen! If you haven't already checked out this talented lady's blog, make sure you do. Today is actually her wedding anniversary and she's sharing loads of beautiful details from her wedding (perfect inspiration for me). So head on over and leave her some love!

Thrifted Thursday, Love On Sunday

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