The One Room Challenge

I love a good challenge.  Especially one that helps you take action on something you've been putting on the back burner for awhile.  For the very first time, I'll be participating in this seasons One Room Challenge!

one room challenge

Why am I doing this?  Simple.  Since starting my own business back in June, my office has been a weekly rotation of coffee shops and pretty much anywhere in the area that provides free wi-fi.  For a creative gal like me, I thrive in an environment that keeps me inspired and calm plus a beautiful atmosphere is like icing on the cake.  So I'm in it to win it, folks.  And my prize is going to be a beautiful home studio that continues to inspire and encourage my thriving business.

I'm embarrassed to show these photos, but here goes the 'before':


Yes, there are birds in my office.  The previous owner used this room as a nursery – I'm keepin' it SO real right now but these photos must be shared.  I really wanted you to get an idea of what the space was like and also witness how much deskspace I need.  The desk is actually missing my laptop too! :)

Now for the pretty.  Here's a bit of my inspiration for my home studio:


Lots of white and wood tones, plants and a long workspace.  I'm excited!  

And now for the best part: There's a ton of inspiration for you to feast your eyes on.  20 handpicked designers will be posting about their makeovers every Wednesday and you can check them out here.  In addition, other guest participants (like myself) will be taking part and will be posting every Thursday.  You can check out the guest participants here.  All of this makeover/challenge goodness was created by Linda over at Calling it Home.  What an awesome idea!

So, make sure to carve out some time every Wednesday and Thursday to follow along.  I hope you'll help cheer me on and other talented peeps as we transform our spaces!  Don't forget to check back on Thursday, I'll be sharing my concept board :)



1. (top image) via Jonas Berg Photography

2. via Daniella Witte

3. via Norm Architects

4.  via Brunner Studio

5.  via Brunner Studio