The Bluffs

Can you believe this place is in Ontario??? I think it's the closest thing we have to a tropical beach. It was my first trip to The Bluffs or "Bluffers Park" several weeks ago and I'm so glad I brought camera along for the trip!  Below are some of my photos. If you haven't already been, maybe these images will entice you to pay a visit.


What are some of your favourite spots to visit in Toronto or Ontario in the summer? Sharing is caring! :)

Basement Makeover: Inspiration

Oh, basements.  The place where things go to die and collect dust.  To be honest, I rarely spend time in my basement because 1) the lack of natural sunlight 2) it's cluttered as hell and 3) it's just not cozy.  My basement is filled with extra furniture, baskets of dirty laundry and too many mislabeled boxes filled with anything from next season's footwear to old halloween costumes. 

A few weeks ago, I decided to de-clutter and figure out a plan to transform my boring basement into a cozy and welcoming retreat.  I've always wanted to do dark walls and although pretty daring for someone who loves white, I decided to go with one colour for the entire basement.  I knew it had to be something DARK.  Here were some of my inspiration photos:


I wanted something pretty close to black (!).  My husband thought I was crazy (?).  But a mixture of dark walls with white, natural wood and vintage elements was calling my name.  Have you painted your basement?  And would you ever go dark?

Sources: / Domino / Style By Emily Henderson / Newburgh Row House by Door Sixteen /




Blog Brunch Toronto

blog brunch toronto This past Saturday I attended a Blog Brunch hosted by Melissa of The Sweet Escape.  I rarely pass up the opportunity to chat with some lovely lady bloggers especially when you get to indulge in something that looks like this:

brazen head brunch, brazen benedict

It's called the Brazen Benedict and it's absolutely delicious.  Probably not the healthiest item on the menu but so worth the extra calories!  Brazen Head is now one of my top breakfast destinations.  You must go!

The atmosphere was so cozy and inviting.  The large Christmas tree, warm fireplace and rustic decor helped us forget about the frigid temperatures outside.

brazen head toronto

brazen head toronto restaurant

And check out these pretty Christmas cards designed by Nicki from Life I Design.  She brought an assortment for us to choose from.  How sweet, right?  (and of course I picked the one with macarons on them!)

cards by Life I Design

blog brunch toronto

blog brunch toronto

Clockwise: Dani, Michelle, Melissa, Casey, Lindsey, Nicki is missing (took this photo), Alyssa, Me, Renee and Sara.

It was great to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones as well.  I'm always eager to pick the brains of other bloggers, hear their frustrations and share some of mine as well.  So thanks to Melissa for organizing such a great brunch and to all the ladies who attended.  It was informative and fun and such a great start to my weekend!

blog brunch toronto

via The Sweet Escape


Weekend Goodness

What a fun, jam packed weekend it was. I hit up a huge street sale in my cousins neighbourhood, spent some quality time with the fam, did a little photosshot, watched a couple of softball games and picked up a couple of items from an estate sale. There was definitely some Sunday love happening when I picked up these awesome chairs...

I scored these two chairs from an online auction. The first chair will most likely be going into #projectdressingroom and the second chair is mine all mine. I've always wanted a cute armchair for my bedroom or office and wouldn't it also look adorable in a nursery or little girls room? There's so many options! Even though this won't be too difficult to reupholster, it will have to wait until Project Louis is complete. I just adore the cane back; can't get enough of it...

The street sale was so much fun, I was delighted to see several lemonade stands and a cute cupcake stand with all proceeds going towards saving the polar bears. Too cute! I found this beautiful rustic shelf which will also be used for #projectdressingroom:

My client wanted to include a few rustic elements so this is perfect. I'm thinking the reclaimed wood will add some depth and character to the space and with a few accessories it will look so beautiful.

How was your weekend? Score any great finds?

Christie Antique Show Highlights

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Besides catching a cold that has left me bedridden (damn you, weather) I had a great time at Christie. Highlights from the show include the blogger meetup that was coordinated by Jen from Rambling Renovators. It was so great to finally meet her and pick her brain about a few blogging questions I had. I also met 3 other lovely lady bloggers: Laura, Kisha and Pam. Had a great time chatting it up with them and checking out their finds!

The other highlight of my day was meeting this guy...

Tommy Smythe! He's one of my favourite designers (even wrote a post about him here). Honestly, my heart skipped a beat when I saw his face but I tried to remain cool when I asked for a photo. What a serious dork I am. But he's super duper nice and told me that he loves taking pictures with fans who are his height. LOVE!

I know. Serious closeup. Courtesy of Mama but can't blame her: had the wrong lens on. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post which will include photos from the show. Happy Monday ALL!