I Love Rug.

thrifted rug First off, I just want to thank everyone who commented on my last post.  Whether you left a comment on here or via Instagram or Twitter, your kinds words mean a lot.  So thank you!

If you've been following me on Instagram, you might have seen this beauty.  My Mom, the serial thrifted did it AGAIN.  She's on another level with this thrifting gig.  All I have to do is mention what I'm looking for and miraculously she finds it.  Awesome.

thrifted rug

And when I say gig, I don't mean she works at a Thrift Store.  She just shops at them like it's her job.  I mentioned I was looking for a runner to put in our entryway.  We recently re-painted and added a console table (photos coming soon) and I wanted to add some colour via a bright rug.  What I really wanted was a kilim rug but could not find one within budget.  She found this for $10 at the thrift store.


Now it looks to be handmade because the fringe doesn't appear to be sewn onto the rug and the patterns aren't exactly symmetrical which makes me think someone did this by hand.  It also feels like wool which is super durable so very happy about that.  It definitely feels like high quality but my knowledge of rugs is very limited.  I did a little google search and some reading to see where these types of patterns originate from but no luck.  If you have ANY CLUE whatsoever, please let me know.

thrifted rug

I mean, check out the patterns...so in love.  And here's how it looks in our entry way:

thrifted rug

Have you made any rug purchases lately?


I Love Me Some Chairs.

mid-century teak dining chairs Back in October, I posted about my how my style was evolving and how I really wanted my home to be a reflection of me.  After having our Louis chairs for several months, I started to feel like the dining area was feeling a little too formal for my taste.  The truth is, I've been looking for a  great set of mid-century modern dining chairs for years now but have never been able to score the style I wanted off Craigslist or afford the ones they sell on Queen street.  I'm not the type of girl to drop a paycheck on some chairs.

Enter my Mother.  Serial thrifter; can find just about anything you're looking for.  She came through once again and found these beautiful teak chairs which are just perfect.  I'm pretty sure the neighbours heard me scream when I saw them.

mid-century teak dining chairs

mid-century teak dining chairs

mid-century teak dining chairs

mid-century teak dining chairs

Can you believe these were $12 each? I'm pretty sure the frame is solid teak and the back is a veneer.  I'm loving the curved low back and the modern lines of this chair.  All it needs is a good cleaning and some new upholstery.  I can't wait to get these done, they are going to look great with my dining table!  I'm feeling a little sad to let go of my Louis chairs but I will be keeping one of them and the rest will go to a good home :)

Now here is my question: the previous owner added cushions to the seats.  Do I leave them on, or remove it in order to enhance the original floating seat as seen here?  I'd love to get your input on this, especially if you have similar chairs at home.  And I know some of you do!

Happy almost Friday :)

Thrifted Thursday with Sabrina of The Pink Little Notebook

Thrifted Thursday, The Little Pink Notebook I am so happy to feature one of my newest blogger friends, Sabrina from The Pink Little Notebook.   We actually met at Blogpodium last Saturday and it was great to chat and get to know one another in person!

Your favourite thrifted item:

One of my favourite and most memorable thrift item has to be my bamboo side tables.

Where you bought/got the piece from:

I found this piece during my first visit to a thrift store. I wasn't too sure what to expect but I instantly spotted & fell in love with this piece. I can definitely say from that very moment I knew I found a new passion. I'm now a frequent thrift store visitor!

Thrifted Thursday, The Pink Little Notebook

What drew you to the piece:

1-it is a sturdy piece of furniture that will probably last me forever; 2-I couldn’t resist the curvy geometric pattern; and 3-the price! At $10 a piece, I had nothing to lose!

Thrifted Thursday, The Pink Little Notebook

Describe any work you did to give it new life:

It was a fairly simple process since the piece was still in good condition. A light sanding and a coat of primer was applied to prep my surfaces. I opted for a neutral colour and spray painted the entire thing (two coats to be exact). I finished it off by hand painting some of the geometric pattern in white paint and added some rope accent to finish of the piece.

Thrifted Thursday, The Pink Little Notebook

how you use/display it:

Today the piece sits proudly in my family room as a side table. What I love about this piece is that it is also sturdy enough to use as a stool when I need the extra seating. It was definitely an awesome find!

Thrifted Thursday, The Pink Little Notebook

Thrifted Thursday, The Pink Little Notebook

What an amazing find for $10!  I love how the rope adds a little somethin' somethin'.  It definitely adds more interest and texture to the piece!

I have to admit, I scoped out her blog before the conference and I was instantly hooked when I saw her cooler and home office update.  So head on over to Sabrina's blog and give her some love!

Thanks so much for taking part in Thrifted Thursday, Sabrina.  It was great to meet you and we should definitely get together soon :)

Thrifted Thursday, Love On Sunday

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Christie Antique Show Highlights

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Besides catching a cold that has left me bedridden (damn you, weather) I had a great time at Christie. Highlights from the show include the blogger meetup that was coordinated by Jen from Rambling Renovators. It was so great to finally meet her and pick her brain about a few blogging questions I had. I also met 3 other lovely lady bloggers: Laura, Kisha and Pam. Had a great time chatting it up with them and checking out their finds!

The other highlight of my day was meeting this guy...

Tommy Smythe! He's one of my favourite designers (even wrote a post about him here). Honestly, my heart skipped a beat when I saw his face but I tried to remain cool when I asked for a photo. What a serious dork I am. But he's super duper nice and told me that he loves taking pictures with fans who are his height. LOVE!

I know. Serious closeup. Courtesy of Mama but can't blame her: had the wrong lens on. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post which will include photos from the show. Happy Monday ALL!