Seating Options for Ms. Indecisive

"That looks like old lady fabric". That's what my boyfriend said to me when I showed him my fabric of choice for our sectional. It was the first piece of furniture that we purchased as a couple and the entire process was definitely challenging but also a learning experience. We had it custom made and had no idea there were so many choices: which fabric?, piping or no piping?, overstuffed or understuffed? Also, since I'm the most indecisive person EVER I'm pretty sure he wanted to kill me at some point during this process but after a lot of convincing and last minute phone calls to the furniture maker, everything turned out just perfect.

So you can imagine my dilemma when trying to choose a sofa for my Living Room Project. The client, wink, wink loves mid-century modern as well as french eclectic so what would be the perfect sofa for this gal?

sofa styles

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I haven't decided if I want to go all out girly or be somewhat realistic and choose something that's comfy and streamlined. I always tend to go the safe route. A valuable lesson I've learned when making decisions for the home: always go with your gut. If you feel like something just isn't right, keep researching until you are completely happy with your decision. Definitely don't lose any sleep over it (hello, first world problems) but pick something that makes you both happy.

Do you love any of the above seating options or have anything similar in your own home?