The Things That Matter

the things that matter, nate berkus This lovely stocking stuffer from my fiancé couldn't have come at a better time.  I've been dying to read Nate Berkus' book for months now so I was super stoked to unwrap it on Christmas day.  Not only has it motivated me to clear the clutter, but to read about his personal and professional struggles is both humbling and inspiring.  I had to break out the tissues!

So like many people during this time of year, I've made a plan to re-organize my home and make a few little tweaks to my current lifestyle.  I feel like I could be more efficient with my time and make room for other things and people that make me happy.  I continually try to set goals for myself but starting the year off with some new life improvements always helps.   So here goes:

1.  Be more active.  Yeah, no surprise there. I used to go to the gym 5x a week and I miss that Amy.  That Amy could carry 4 bags of groceries and not even blink. Right now, I can't even get out of bed without holding my back. So sad. I'm the type of person that NEEDS to exercise in order to feel balanced.  Both my body and mind benefit from regular exercise and boy, have they been neglected.  If ya don't use it, ya lose it.  It's time to make them a priority again before they both leave me.

2. Learn how to relax more.  I can be a stressball sometimes and that usually happens when I don't schedule downtime for myself.  It's so important!

3. Spend more quality time with my family and friends because they make my life so fun and colourful.  I feel very lucky to be surrounded by some amazing people.  And these two rascals make my heart so happy!

4. Spend less.  Probably a bad time to make this improvement since I'm getting married in August.  But there's always ways to cut costs and live more simply, right?

5.  More home cooked meals.  Experiment with more Filipino and Salvadorian style dishes (someone will be happy about this one!)

6.  Continue doing what I love most.  I love styling, DIY's, photography and just creating in general.  Quality over quantity and staying true to myself has always been a priority.  I hope to kick it up a notch and produce some original content that I'm proud of.

Friends, this will be a challenging and busy year for me but I'm ready.  In fact, we've filled 6 large garbage bags with stuff to be donated, re-organized our kitchen cupboards so I'm already feeling like a new woman!

What are the things that matter to you and how are you starting off 2014?

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