My Office - Progress!

Happy Hump Day! As much as I hate posting in progress shots, I'm going to go ahead and post it anyway because sharing is caring and frankly - I could use some advice! The before shots are pretty embarassing but I've gotten over it. I swear I didn't trash the place to purposely make it look like a before shot. We just had too much stuff that needed to go and the rest had to be organized. How could anyone be inspired to work in a space like this? Argh!

And here's what it looks like now. We decided to put up shelves over top the desk area to maximize space and provide some additional storage with boxes for my camera equipment, stationary and other electronics.

We also have this tiny space by the window that wasn't being utilized and we managed to find the perfect slender bookcase to fit all our magazines and books. Score!

More bins for storage. And labels help of course :)

And as you can see my Louis will be here temporarily. Poor guy has been neglected (he will be done soon).

Don't mind the messy cords on the ground. I need to figure out how to hide those darn things. Closet is coming along but not complete. I'm starting to think about injecting some colour because it looks very monochromatic right now. This room doubles as a guestroom as well so I haven't yet revealed the other side of the room and what's going on in those parts. Also, that lampshade needs to go or maybe just the shade replaced and base painted?. What do you think? Any suggestions on anything or everything would be awesome and very much appreciated. Good news is I can now walk into this room without tripping on anything or getting an instant migraine. Yipee!