A Style Progression

my living room If you're looking at this photo thinking, 'does she really have her xmas tree up?!' the answer is NO.  I love Christmas, but definitely not in October.  This photo was taken last December, when I posted about my living room progress.  Which has always been VERY SLOW.  I get that it's a progression but I'm talking snails pace..  I enjoy helping other people decorate and I tend to neglect my own home.  Reasons being: my indecisiveness and budget.  I'm always going back and forth on style and we don't like spending beyond our means so we like to save for certain items or sell something we no longer want or need in order to buy something new.

But I'm always up for a good challenge and guys,  I'm on a mission.  To be honest, I've been holding back a little because of the chance we may move in the near future so I didn't want to invest any time or money in painting or re-decorating.  But after a good convo with the hubs-to-be, we made the decision that we're not going anywhere any time soon.  And we've made one simple plan which we are going to stick to:  We're only going to surround ourselves with what we truly need and love and we're going to work harder at making this 800 sq. foot box more of a home that reflects us.  

loveonsunday dining room

We recently finished a couple of projects in our home and then realized it's just not us.  For example, if I take a look at the board (above) which I posted last October, some of the elements don't feel like us anymore.  It's crazy how your style can evolve so much in just one year.  I guess a slow decorating process really helps you learn about yourself and what you truly love.  Below are some images that really appeal to both David and I.  I've always loved mid-century modern and vintage furniture (and David has also learned to appreciate it) so I feel like incorporating more of these elements in our home makes sense.  I also have a lot of thrifted pieces that I've collected over the years which I truly love and will always be incorporated into our interior.

Just like my wardrobe, I tend to veer towards an understated ensemble, never over-the-top or too formal.  I'm more of a jeans and white tee kind of gal so I feel like my home needs to reflect that.  I would say both of us are pretty laid back and we dislike rooms that look too perfect.  When I showed him the images above he really loved them (bonus! hehe):

So I ask you, do you feel like your home really reflects you?  Do you find that your style has progressed over the last couple of years?  I'd love to know!

Last four images via: Stadshem