Furniture Friday - The Man Cave

It's that time, ladies. Playoff season. Playoff hockey, playoff basketball and let's not forget baseball is in full swing. If you only have one television in your house I'm guessing you know all about playoff season. Unless of course the man in your life has his own cave. I had the talk with the BF about what furniture pieces he would absolutely need in his dream man cave. He said a chair and a tv. So simple, these creatures.

So I wanted to explore what other beaut manly things could be incorporated. When I think man cave I think tacky. But it doesn't have to be that way and I would definitely never let that happen in my house (sorry love if you're reading this, but it's true). It can be stylish, sporty and masculine all at the same time, no?. I know he would LOVE a lazy-boy recliner with a remote control and cup holder but how about a nice leather chesterfield?

via Rodja

Or a feature wall with some cool art. If he had it his way, this would probably be a shrine to Michael Jordan or a photo of the 1993 World Series champs...

via Hour Stories

This is not so much a cave since there's windows but it is a little more masuline nonetheless. I love the shelves at the far right. I'm picturing a collection of baseball caps there.

via Scioto Valley

I know my man would love this. But tea cups? No bueno. Beer bottles por favor.

via Three Potato Four

Ok, I'm absolutely loving the glossy black subway tile!

via Decor 8

Some appropriate signage perhaps?

via Ben Franklin

And who says a man cave needs to be dark and gloomy?

via Might & Wonder

What furniture and decor would your man want in his cave?

I see a certain someone's head shaking in disapproval right now so I'm going to end it here. Gents, even if you have a man cave, I think your girlfriend or wife should like it too. Because chances are, we'd be the one to help decorate and clean it. It's only fair :)

Have a great weekend all! xoxo