inspiration, graphic design As some of you might know, I work as a full-time graphic designer.  In addition to writing this blog (which admittedly, I've neglected over the past couple of weeks...for a good reason, though), I take on a select number of freelance projects which range anywhere from logos to web design to product packaging.  Working full-time allows me to have a stable income to pay the bills and taking on a few freelance projects obviously means extra moula but more importantly, it means working with some amazing people and challenging myself in new and exciting ways. For me, it has always been about the creative process and the joy in creating something beautiful, meaningful and valuable.  That really excites me.

inspiration, graphic designer, Toronto

I've  moonlighted for many years.  Probably almost a decade on and off.  8 hours at my full-time job and another 8 hours in front of my computer at home.  It can wreak havoc on your body and mind, even ruin some of your relationships.  BUT, if you work your butt off and learn how to manage your time correctly, it can be so rewarding.  Myself and anyone else who has 2 jobs out there will tell you - this shit is hard work.  You are constantly making sacrifices in order to do what you love.

freelance graphic designer

And this led me to think of you, my readers and fellow bloggers who dedicate a lot of time creating amazing DIY's and/or original content all while carrying a full-time job or being a full-time stay at home Mom.  Even though I don't have any little ones, I know that can be more like a 24hr job so props to all you ladies.

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As bloggers, there can definitely be a lot of pressure to constantly create and stay relevant.  We are continuously pushing ourselves to think outside the box, acquire new skills and create something truly original but consistent with our own style.  And this is the same approach I take with my graphic design business.  The industry is so competitive and I am constantly trying to update my skills.  Also, much like bloggers who are selective with the brands they align with, I too am selective with the clients I work for.  I enjoy the creative process so much more when clients share the same aesthetic and appreciation for simple and clean design.  So with all this pressure, can't it be difficult to find inspiration sometimes?

So my question to all the creative peeps and bloggers out there:  how and where do YOU find inspiration?  Other than time management, this seems to be a big challenge for me.  What is your number one source for inspiration?  Pinterest? Instagram? Magazines? Going for a walk downtown?


And speaking of inspiration, have you checked out my latest colour crush?   I'm obsessed with this colour right now.