Furniture Friday #projectdressingroom

Happy Friday Everyone! I'm so excited to share some progress on Project Dressing Room. We've started sourcing some key pieces and have made our first furniture purchase this week. We actually took a trip to The Singing Lady and Ikea a couple of weeks ago to see if we could get some ideas to get the ball rolling. Here's what we found:

The brass and black chandy is definitely a contender. We also decided the Billy Bookcase is the way to go. It's cost-effective, the shelves are adjustable which would accommodate heels and boots and it's the perfect depth for Anh's shoe size. A chaise or ottoman has always been on her must-have list so one of those will definitely make an appearance. Wallpaper will be used either behind the shelving or on a feature wall. Anh requested something graphic and I've been dying to use the Triangles wallpaper by Lisa Congdon. Yummy! So here is what I'm thinking for the room:

I know it looks pretty white right now but I'm thinking the open shelving and clothing rack will bring a lot of colour into the room. Of course the accessories will also bring in additional colour and texture. We scored that exact desk chair recently, but we will be updating the look with some paint and new upholstery. I've also gathered some paint samples this week so that will be happening very soon. Super excited about #projectdressingroom! You can also follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for real-time photos of my vintage escapades and #projectdressingroom finds!

Have you started any new projects lately? Have a great weekend all!