Basement Makeover: Inspiration

Oh, basements.  The place where things go to die and collect dust.  To be honest, I rarely spend time in my basement because 1) the lack of natural sunlight 2) it's cluttered as hell and 3) it's just not cozy.  My basement is filled with extra furniture, baskets of dirty laundry and too many mislabeled boxes filled with anything from next season's footwear to old halloween costumes. 

A few weeks ago, I decided to de-clutter and figure out a plan to transform my boring basement into a cozy and welcoming retreat.  I've always wanted to do dark walls and although pretty daring for someone who loves white, I decided to go with one colour for the entire basement.  I knew it had to be something DARK.  Here were some of my inspiration photos:


I wanted something pretty close to black (!).  My husband thought I was crazy (?).  But a mixture of dark walls with white, natural wood and vintage elements was calling my name.  Have you painted your basement?  And would you ever go dark?

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Our Entryway - in progress

entryway update, hallway update Oh, the entryway.  It's the first impression you make when someone steps into your home and we felt this space did not reflect us at all.  So we decided to take it from dark and dreary grey to bright white.  Here's somewhat of a before photo which was taken by David right before he started painting.  Not great before shots but hopefully you get the idea:

entryway before photo

So blah and so boring. That vertical wall mirror is to the left upon entering, tucked into a space about 12" deep and 54" wide.  Just a mirror smack dab in the middle of a wall, oh and some branches in a white vase.  Not very exciting or functional.

So I had the idea of creating a console table deep and wide enough to fit this space.  Then I remembered I had scored this reclaimed wood shelf last summer and it just so happened to fit perfectly!  All I wanted was something simple and preferably metal/industrial legs.

rustic console table

I'm pretty sure these are Ikea legs but to change it up a bit, we (meaning my Dad) took a torch to the metal legs which peeled off the paint and gave it a more industrial look.  Because the more beat up it looks, the better right?  The legs were found at a thrift store for $10.

rustic console table

I kind of love the look of paint peeling off metal, it's such an interesting texture. I found the octagon mirror in my parents basement, and we hung our antlers over top which I LOVE. We've had them sitting on our dining table but I think it looks even better over the mirror.

loveonsunday, entryway And my thrifted kilim rug was an amazing $10 find!  It adds some much needed colour to the space.  And I just love the pattern.

loveonsunday, entryway

I love picking up art from all the places I've been to.  This colourful mask was from our trip to Costa Rica.

loveonsunday, entryway

And this beautiful white jar was was a special gift from some co-workers.  It's from West Elm...they know me so well :)

loveonsunday, entryway

loveonsunday, entryway

loveonsunday entryway

A custom console table for less than $20...I'd say that's pretty good, don't you think?


Fashion Inspired Blush and Black

Okay, I know this colour combo is no new thing.  And I still can't figure out if her skirt is more of a baby pink or blush but regardless,  Jessica's NYFW ensemble has re-ignited my love for blush and black.  I'm loving how she mixed a cropped sweater with a soft and flowy skirt.  She looks simple and chic à la Audrey Hepburn. Perhaps it was this photo combined with my quest to find the perfect wedding colour because I'm seriously crushing on blush right now.  It's super girly, soft and versatile enough for all seasons.  And I think that goes for fashion and interiors.  What do you think?

I've rounded up some other inspiring images:

My bedroom is currently black and white and I would love to mix in some blush tones to soften up the space. Also, I would LOVE to find a vintage wool blazer or coat in the same colour. So tell me, love it or hate it? Do you have any blush tones in your home or closet? I would love to know!

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Dinner Party, Anyone?

While searching for diy wedding projects, I came across some fabulous table styling inspiration. I really love a layered look and when hosting an intimate dinner party, how fun would it be to dress up your table with some beloved artifacts or thrift finds?  So I've rounded up some of my favourites:

Something about that first image really has me inspired.  And it's funny because the name on that plate happens to be one of my besties!  My birthday is coming up so perhaps a dinner party is in order?  Who's in?

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Wedding Planning

hawaiian wedding decor

Holy crap, I'm getting married. I've been shouting it from the rooftops and posting it everywhere just because that's me and I'm so excited! But in terms of planning I've put in minimal effort because life has been pretty busy. We definitely want a smaller wedding and that in my culture is sometimes tricky. If you have any Filipino friends you will quickly learn two things about us.  1.  We love to eat and 2. we are all related. Not in the incestuous way but in the 'my cousin's cousin is my cousin too' kind of way. We're just one BIG happy family! Good friends are family and you better believe that when you get invited for dinner, your ass will eat 3 meals before leaving the party. Guaranteed.

What I have been thinking about, which is no surprise, is the decor and the invitations. I've always pictured an intimate setting, maybe outdoors with pretty stringed lights and lanterns or an amazing restaurant with delicious food. I even thought about an upscale or casual bbq inspired by Sherry and John of Young House Love. Here are a few of my inspiration images:

wedding planning

Since I'm a graphic designer, I of course will be designing my own invites and I'm really loving these...

So my married ladies, I ask you...what knowledge can you bestow upon me? Advice for wedding planning? Advice on where to start? What not to do? I plan on enjoying every bit of this planning process and not lose sight of what the day is really about: it's about our marriage, our future and 2 families coming together to celebrate!

P.S. The title photo was taken by moi at my girlfriends hawaiian wedding which was gorgeous! You can check it out here.

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Thrifted Thursday with Lesley Metcalfe

I love connecting with local bloggers especially the ones that love thrifting and decorating so I was both excited and flattered when Lesley contacted me to take part in #ThriftedThursday. This girl loves antiquing and is also studying interior decorating so I couldn't be happier to have her here today. Take it away, Lesley!...

Hi there, Love On Sunday readers! I'm Lesley and I'm delighted to be featured on Amy's Thrifted Thursday series. I'm a big fan of Amy's style, and I love reading about and seeing her projects and the images that inspire her. I've stopped by today to share my favourite thrifted piece of furniture with you.


My favourite thrifted item is this marble-topped antique cabinet

This piece was given to me from my boyfriend. It's an antique that had been in his family for years. I love browsing thrift shops for great furniture, but I was lucky in this case to have received a piece that comes with a traceable history.

What drew you to the piece:

The grey-veined white marble top on this cabinet is definitely its best feature. It's complimented by intricate carved detailing in the wood below.

Describe any work you did to give it new life:

This cabinet was in rough shape from years of use - one of the back legs was missing and it needed freshening up overall. I appreciated the classic, elegant features of the piece and I wanted to maintain them, but I also wanted to make it a little more modern. There were two large corbels at the front of the cabinet on either side of the doors that I removed (they were just a little too ornate for my liking) and I filled the holes they left with a wood filler. After giving the surface a light sand, I painted it with four cans of Krylon Gloss Black spray paint. I then applied a couple of coats of acrylic polyurethane so that it resembles a lacquer finish.

how you use/display it:

This marble-topped cabinet is the bar area in my living room. It's large enough to offer both display space and functional space. I can display my frequently served bottles on top with some glasses, and extras in the cupboard underneath (I especially love the new antique silver tray I purchased, it works perfectly with this bar). Bar tools are kept in the drawer. There's enough space on the counter for pouring drinks and cutting up limes, with room to spare for a vase of flowers, or a lamp, or with whatever else I'm in the mood for styling my bar with!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite piece of furniture as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you! Please feel free to stop by my blog anytime at Thanks very much Amy, for having me as a guest!

thrifted thursday, lesley metcalfe

If you haven't already done so, make sure to check out Lesley's blog to see her latest and greatest decor inspirations and projects.

You can see more of the Thrifted Thursday Series here.

The Carmona Family's Colourful Home

Today I am so excited to be sharing the home of my good friends, Luisa and Anthony. The first thing I noticed when I walked into their home was how colourful it was. With Pinterest and Homesense being some of Luisa's favourite inspiration sources, it's no surprise that creative projects make an appearance all over the house. From the front porch to the kids rooms, to the bathroom- there is no shortage of creativity. Complete with a nautical-themed room and a girly space fit for a ballerina, this home is bold, beautiful and perfect for their growing family.

Entrance ~ Foyer

Luca's Nautical Bedroom

Olivia's Girly Glam Bedroom

Imagine being a kid with one of those gorgeous bedrooms? So much fun!

Back to School and Weslodge

For over a year now I've been toying with the idea of going back to school part-time. I've always had some type of excuse like no money, no time, no energy. But no matter how many times I've tried to erase that idea from my mind, something kept pulling me back to the same bookmarked pages of course offerings. So a couple of months ago I decided to just go for it! I figure if you really want to do something (and by something I mean Interior Decorating), you have to go after it and let nothing stand in your way. I don't have children yet so what better time than now. I must say it was a little intimidating going back to school in your early *cough* thirties but I'm up for the challenge and cannot wait to learn my A$$ off!

On another note, have any of you been to Weslodge on King West? I checked it out last weekend and absolutely loved the decor.

via Weslodge

I was greeted by the cool sign out front and that huge yellow door. Loved it. I walked in and was pleasantly surprised. It was totally unexpected, decorated like a modern saloon complete with taxidermy on the walls, old portraits and the staff were even wearing leather holsters.

via Weslodge

I loved the antique pendants overlooking the bar area...

via Weslodge

But the floor, oh the floor. That's what got me. It was gorgeous. I just love the spanish tile in black and white. I would LOVE to do a kitchen using a similar tile.

Sorry for the dark photos but you can still see how pretty that floor looks. So in love. Unfortunately, the food and the service didn't impress me as much as the decor did but I will say they have a delicious burger - I had a couple of bites! Have you been to any restaurants where the decor inspired you?

Happy Weekend All! xoxo