Thrifted Thursday with Jennifer of Brave New Home

thrifted thursday with Jennifer of Brave New Home Today's Thrifted Thursday features a new-to-me blogger, Jennifer from Brave New Home.  I'm really loving this series because not only do I get to check out some amazing finds, I also get to meet some crazy talented bloggers.  Jennifer is an avid DIYer with great sense of style and we also have something in common - we both live in 900 square feet of coziness!

Your favourite thrifted item:

This is a bit of a two-fer---my favorite thrift store items I picked up on the same shopping trip so in my head I sorta lump them together. My favorite items are this gold quatrefoil mirror and original koi painting.

Thrifted Thursday, Brave new home with Jennifer.

Where you bought the piece from:

I was scoping out some thrift stores near my parents' place with no intention of buying anything---it's good to know which shops carry what---and stumbled upon these gems.

What drew you to the piece:

Uh, the price? Haha, while the low costs of purchasing second hand are always an incentive, I loved the shape of the mirror (I initially had intentions of spray painting it) and as for the painting, it was the colors. I didn't even realize the painting was of koi fish until I started turning the canvas around in different directions! The mirror came out to two dollars and change with my military discount and the koi painting was originally 90 cents but they were having a half-off paintings and frame day so it came out to less than 50 cents.

Describe any work you did to give it new life:

Just a good cleaning/dusting. The mirror may get a coat of spray paint down the road, who knows.

jennifer of brave new home

How you use/display it:

My koi painting sits atop our tv (gotta find a way to dress up that giant thing somehow!). I used an old book stand from my college days and an extra book to prop it up. My little mirror was included in a little vignette I created on a small ledge off our kitchen.

jennifer thrifted thursday, brave new home

Thanks so  much for sharing today, Jennifer!

Beautiful finds for such a great price.  A deal like that gives me goosebumps.  I'm really loving both pieces and they complement each other so well.  Oh, and notice that orange N?  Jennifer crafted that from cardboard.  You can check out the full tutorial here.  Now make sure to check out Jennifer's blog and leave her some love!

Thrifted Thursday, Love On Sunday

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