My Brass Side Table

No bar cart? Why not a bar side table?

Living in a small condo has forced us to come up with some creative solutions. Since we have two entrances into our balcony and barely need to venture out there with the cold weather and all, we decided to utilize a corner of our tiny living room to house our makeshift bar cart. I have to credit my Mom on this fab find. She found this set of brass tables at a local thrift shop for a whopping $17! I'm telling you, this woman has a horseshoe up her arse whenever she goes thrifting. It amazes me.

Knowing I was looking for a small table to house our expanding liquor collection (note: I am not an alcoholic. I'm actually a lightweight). She sent me this pic to see if I would be interested. And to which I replied, "hellzzz yeah!"

And here's what I've done with it. Everything else I already had to complete the look such as the tray I found for $7 at an antique shop and the vase and liquor jar which were also thrift finds. The small but beautiful brown and white capiz jar was a gift from an old roomie and it's one of my favourite things. I decided to remove the second nested table and use it elsewhere in the condo. Instead, I've placed my basket of books and magazines underneath which also holds extra glasses and napkins. All together, this cost me under $30. Not bad at all!

Seeing that last photo makes me want to change up my curtains. Like paint a trim or add some fun pom poms like this. What do you think, yes or no?

Happy almost Friday! xoxo