O Canada!

Well folks, I'm counting down the hours now and can't wait for this long weekend to officially start. Have a Happy Canada Day and a safe and joyful long weekend! (I doubt anyone is even reading this but I thought this was the perfect photo for today. Reppin' for my boys in blue... #GoJaysGo!

P.S. if you haven't already, you NEED to check out the Thrifted Thursday Series, some great finds goin' on! AND there's a lot of commotion about Google Reader disappearing. I'm certain I don't have 1000 followers or anything so it's no biggie for me, but if you want to start following me using Bloglovin' just click that pretty little lady on the right who's half nekkid ------>

Tootles for now. Have fun and be safe! xo

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Weekend Fun

How was everyone's weekend? I hope everyone got outside to enjoy the amazing weather! My weekend was filled with softball, baseball, family and of course some kind of creative project thrown into the mix. My boyfriend and cousins play on a softball team and I just love watching their games when the weather is beautiful outside. Also, who wouldn't want to watch with this little cutie by your side? My cousin's niece Taylor was all ready to play with her own pink glove and baseball! Their team is called the Blue Jays, and how appropriate that we went to watch the real Jays play right after? The Jays lost but I still love them. #gojaysgo!

And I know I promised no more Louis updates but I'm sad to say that the upholstery fabric I wanted from Designer Fabrics is on backorder and they don't even know when they will be receiving more of it! So if any of you bloggers/DIYers are reading this, can you please help a girl out and recommend any other fabric stores that would sell some nice upholstery velvet? If I can't find anything similar to what I really, really want then I will have to go with my second choice, *SIGH*. As you can see I got my wonderful and super-sweet BF to help out with the Louis stripping and we got a lot accomplished. Thanks love :) Please note: I MADE him wear those safety glasses. Those staples have a mind of their own!

My parents also have this trestle coffee table that they're in the midst of stripping and we were throwing out some ideas on how to re-work it.

Paint it white? Paint it black? Leave it natural? We were even toying with idea of separating the 2 pieces and using the base to make a bench and the top as a separate coffee table with some modern legs. What do you think? Happy Monday Everyone! xoxo