My Bedroom Wall. Any Ideas?

loveonsunday bedroom This here is my bedroom.  It needs help.  Big time.  What to do....hang a large canvas?  Create an art wall?  a crazy head board?  Or how about a suspended DIY art installation?  HELP.

We used to have a set of my photographs hanging over our bed but since we did a little re-arranging and moved our bed around this is what I'm working with.  OH and wait until you see my fancy shmancy night stand...

loveonsunday bedroom before

Yeah that's right, I don't have one.  That's my iPhone charger hanging off the side of the chair (I actually don't charge my iPhone in my room anymore and I'm sure you can guess why).

I'm kind of embarassed to show these pics because they're pretty much 'before' photos and I have no 'afters' to share.  And for someone who loves decorating, this is pretty darn sad.  My excuse:  I'm always busy.  I'm either working on graphic design projects or helping other people re-decorate so my place gets put on the back burner.

I could really use some help and I would LOVE to hear any of your suggestions in the comments!

the sweet escape blog

On another note.  Since there's no prettiness to show you here, you can check out my guest post over at The Sweet Escape.  Melissa is one of my favourite bloggers who is also a graphic designer (woot, woot!) and she asked me to share some of my favourite gifts for vintage lovers.  So head on over and check it out!

Happy weekend everyone!