Photos From The Christie Antique Show

Going to these shows is fun but also a little dangerous for me. I always seem to fall in love with something and there's so many different things to see. I decided to photograph my journey through the different vendors and booths. Below are some of the cool things I saw there:

Loved these bright lanterns. It's a great way to add colour and character to a kitchen or bedroom.

This buddha was amazing. Doesn't he look so jolly? You can't see it but the sticker read 'priceless'. Of course I didn't leave without rubbing his belly for good luck.

I loved these white ice cream chairs. I can picture this set on a cute balcony or patio.

Railroad crossing sign? Would love to put something cool like this on my living room wall but definitely out of my budget.

Okay, this would have creeped me out as a child. Now I think they're kinda cute.

There was tons of hobnail, depression glass and brass everywhere.

I must have spent 40 mins at this booth just touching and looking at all the letterpress blocks. I love the look and feel of letterpress on paper. I snagged a few blocks which I plan to use to create some custom cards.

I loved this chair, especially the cane back. And of course these large letters got my attention! This old drawer pull and bustform lampshade was also photo worthy...

And of course, more chairs...

And then I came across this beautifully styled booth by Eclectic Pelican Antiques. They had these cute business cards that had french words on one side and the translation on the other. LOVE!

Wayne, the gentleman at the booth was so sweet and even gave me one of their beautiful canvas bags.

And here are my purchases for the day. 2 pieces of depression glass for an upcoming photoshoot that I'm styling and four letterpress blocks for some custom cards I will be creating.

The next show is on Saturday September 7th but you can check out their website here for additonal info.

Happy Hump Day All!

Christie Antique Show Highlights

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Besides catching a cold that has left me bedridden (damn you, weather) I had a great time at Christie. Highlights from the show include the blogger meetup that was coordinated by Jen from Rambling Renovators. It was so great to finally meet her and pick her brain about a few blogging questions I had. I also met 3 other lovely lady bloggers: Laura, Kisha and Pam. Had a great time chatting it up with them and checking out their finds!

The other highlight of my day was meeting this guy...

Tommy Smythe! He's one of my favourite designers (even wrote a post about him here). Honestly, my heart skipped a beat when I saw his face but I tried to remain cool when I asked for a photo. What a serious dork I am. But he's super duper nice and told me that he loves taking pictures with fans who are his height. LOVE!

I know. Serious closeup. Courtesy of Mama but can't blame her: had the wrong lens on. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post which will include photos from the show. Happy Monday ALL!

Ottawa Street, Hamilton

On Saturday we took a quick last-minute trip to Ottawa Street in search of some fabric for Louis. I can't believe I've never explored this area before. It was a street filled with upholstery stores and antique shops, definitely a pleasant surprise!

There was tons and tons of fabric to choose from and the layout was much more inviting than the Queen Street shops I previously visited. No claustrophobia, just spacious and clean:

I even stopped off at a consignment shop that my girlfriend told me about, The Millionaire's Daughter. They had some great antique pieces but most of her stuff was mighty pricey. You know me, I'm a bargain hunter and thrift store kinda gal.

I am planning on making another visit sometime soon. It will have to be a day where I can take my time and peruse the other shops as well as grab a bite to eat at Cafe Limoncello (thanks to Rosita for the reco!). If you're ever in the need for some upholstery or drapery fabric, I suggest checking this place out. I left with tons of swatches for my Louis chairs. I still haven't decided what type of fabric to go with but once I narrow it down I will definitely post my top choices. I could use the advice, I am so torn!