Thrifted Thursday with Thalita of The Learner Observer

I don't recall how I stumbled upon Thalita's blog but I remember reading "ice cream addict and thrift shop scourer" in her profile and I was hooked. Thalita just completed an impressive bathroom makeover for $170. I love it when people do great things on a small budget!

Your favourite thrifted item:

Danish wooden kitchen table and chairs

Where you bought the piece from:

My favourite spot to scour for all things old and well-loved - Kijiji. It's the Canadian Craigslist, in case you're not familiar? Anyway, this whole set was $25. That's not a typo. It cost $25! Usually I barter a bit, but when I saw this I didn't even bother. I was just happy it didn't sell before I got to it, which sadly happens all too often! Did I mention the table has a leaf? Because it does! It doesn't make the table quite big enough for six people (unless you all want to get very cozy), but it certainly makes eating for four much more comfortable.

What drew you to the piece:

I wish I could say it was my unfailing eye for awesome Danish furniture, but I was actually looking for a round table for our kitchen. It's a small space and round is always better for tiny spaces, right? It wasn't until I went to pick up the set that I noticed how amazing the chairs were! The upholstery needed a bit of help, but the frame was solid and the shape? Oh my! What draws me to it now is definitely how fantastic the chairs are.

Describe any work you did to give it new life:

So far all I've really had to do was clean it up a little. Like I said, the upholstery is boring and sad, and certainly needs some TLC, so I plan on using a narrow black and white striped cotton fabric on the backs and a wider striped fabric on the seats. I literally just acquired these pieces a couple of weeks ago, so discovering how to remove the backs in order to reupholster remains a mystery. It should be a fun adventure!

How you use/display it:

The table remains in its round shape for every day use, and when we have guests the leaf gets put to use. The chairs are also used as extra seating in our living room when we need it since they are pretty comfortable, and just so darn pretty! When we're not using it for its intended purposes, it's a desk for me to blog on and a surface for crafting madness! Multipurpose for $25. Sorry for mentioning the price again. I just can't get over it!

Thanks Thalita for sharing your favourite thrifted find here on Love On Sunday! Make sure to visit Thalita's blog here and check out her latest makeovers and inspirations, I promise you won't be disappointed!

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