Behind the scenes with Chatelaine (Part 2): Q & A with Emma Reddington

q & a with Emma Reddington, behind the scenes with Chatelaine, part 2 You know that feeling of seeing someone's home online and thinking, 'yeah, I could live there'.  I'm sure it happens all the time, right?.  Now imagine experiencing that in the flesh.  Emma's home is truly an inspiration to me.  It's stylish yet functional, refined yet comfortable and absolutely timeless.  All the characteristics I would want for my own home.

Emma Reddington Interview, Emma Reddington dining roomPhoto credit: Kristin Sjaarda

As the home editor of Chatelaine as well as the editor behind The Marion House Book, I knew Emma would be a wealth of knowledge and she was kind enough to answer a few of my questions:

With the growing amount of decor bloggers in Canada, how do you think this has influenced the content in magazines?

Generally speaking, I think readers of both blogs and magazines have come to appreciate a more undecorated look. Certainly blogs like The Selby and Design*Sponge have heralded homes of everyday people that are less decorated (or at the very least not decorated by professional designers) than what magazines have shown in the past. I think if the homeowners are interesting and the story is good readers are willing to look past so-called decorating flaws.

emma reddington, marion house book kitchen

There are so many talented bloggers and stylists who are self-taught. Do you think they are at a disadvantage by not having a design degree? What advice would you give them?

Style and taste are two things that are hard to teach. I think you either have it or you don’t. For some jobs like styling having a good eye (along with an assortment of other talents) is all that is needed. Interior design, on the other hand, takes some hard earned knowledge that is hard to pick up on your own (though not impossible). Building code, space planning, material specifications, detail drawings and above all making spaces safe and aesthetically pleasing takes time and discipline to understand.

Emma Reddington Interview, Marion House Book Kitchen

You've mentioned that since starting your blog almost 4 years ago, it has opened many doors for you. What advice can you give bloggers who want to develop their own brand?

Make it your own. Above everything else you have to blog about things that personally move you. If you have a unique or interesting perspective on the design world or are super DIY handy or take beautiful photographs then showcase those talents. There are already thousands of people reposting stunning images of interiors everyday so what is going to make your site stand out. I think the blogs that rise to the top are the ones where the personality behind the blog rises to the forefront.

emma reddington home

Your blog, The Marion House Book showcases the transformation of your beautiful Victorian home. What tips can you give to new home-owners looking to turn their house into a home?

Take your time! For me the most interesting homes are ones that tell the story of the people that live there. Objects accumulated over time, family photos, antiques handed down through generations all add layers of intrigue and make a house into a home.

Emma Reddington Marion Housebook kitchen

interview with Emma Reddington

What is your most favourite thrifted find and where is it from?

The round circular wooden frame I picked up at Post and Beam Reclamation in Toronto was just a cast off in the back corner but every time I went into the store it called out to me. I eventually brought it home and turned it into the mirror in our hallway. I probably get an email a month from someone wanting to buy it off me!

mirror, post and beam reclamation, marion house book, emma reddington interview

You have almost 4 million Pinterest followers that look to you for inspiration. Where do you find your inspiration these days?

I still get so much of my inspiration from magazines. There are also certain bloggers I always try and visit. Some people just have their finger on the pulse and I definitely try and cull from that!

interview with Emma Reddington, behind the scenes with Chatelaine

A big thank you to Emma for taking the time to answer all my questions.

Also, the December issue of Chatelaine will hit the newstands on Monday November 18th so don't forget to grab your copy!  Did you catch a sneak peek of the cover below?  Christmas is fast approaching and trust me when I say that this issue is going to have some serious inspiration for the holidays.  Stay tuned for my last behind the scenes video next week!

Chatelaine december 2013 cover