From Inspiration to Creation

Happy Friday Everyone! A couple of weeks ago I decided to join Kisha's 2nd Annual Pinterest Challenge, From Inspiration to Creation. And since I have several items on my DIY to-do list, I thought this would be the perfect kick in the butt to get me going!

Since re-arranging my bedroom, I've been left with NO room for a bedside table on my side of the bed. How is that fair?! So my solution is to create some cool looking sconces. I've been inspired by these versions:

Copper pipe wall sconce from Camille Styles:

FRÄCK Hack from Manhattan Nest:

Or sconce with EKBY bracket created by Jenny Haus, featured on Poppytalk:

So some kind of mish mash of these 3 styles would make me so very happy. I have the entire month to complete 2 of these babies so I'm guessing that's more than enough time! Have you ever created a light fixture or done any similar DIY's?

Four other ladies will also be doing it up for the challenge so feel free to check out what projects have inspired them:

Have a great weekend everyone! xoxo