Behind the scenes with Chatelaine (Part 3)

Chatelaine, December Holiday Issue, Behind the scenes Here it is.  The third and final installment of my behind the scenes experience with Chatelaine!

By the way, did you get your copy?  It's on the newstands now so grab it people.  The holiday issue is chock full of design ideas and yummy desserts!  And it's also very pretty (sidenote:  out of all the Canadian decor mags, I believe Chatelaine has the best use of typography.  If you didn't already notice, you will next time you're standing at the grocery checkout line.  Compare and you will see.  They use the best fonts!  And yes, fonts are a big deal to me.).

I was able to watch a full day of photography and styling as Emma and her team put together some amazing shots for the December Issue's '12 Days of Decorating.  Chatelaine approached their favourite designers and bloggers to share some of their holiday decorating ideas.  And now that the issue has been released, I can share more of the fun, work in progress photos!

chatelaine behind the scenes

This first image was taken in Emma's living room.  I'm still amazed at how they managed to mount that deer head so perfectly.  From what I recall, they pretty much eyeballed the centre, busted out the concrete drill and hung that baby up.  I was pretty impressed.

behind the scenes with Chatelaine, December issue

And can you believe the wreath on the left was actually held up by hand while the room was being photographed?  The room was actually quite dark so I had to edit the below photo.  It was a dark and gloomy day so it was fascinating to watch them shoot the scene with no extra lighting.  A great tip I learned:  an extremely slow shutter speed is perfectly fine when you have a tripod.

behind the scenes with Chatelaine photoshoot

Chatelaine, behind the scenes

This shot for hostess gift ideas was taken right by the window on a gorgeous antique wooden desk.

Chatelaine behind the scenes, christmas decor

I love the vintage tea tins as well as Emma's old box of matches which were added to the photo last minute.

behind the scenes with Chatelaine, hostess gifts

And check out this amazing gift wrapping.  I LOVE making all my gifts look extra pretty for the holidays.  Presentation counts!

Chatelaine behind the scenes

This was also taken in Emma's living room.  I love how they used a weathered chair for the backdrop.  Such a simple piece which adds so much character!  You can see from the photo on the left how dark the room actually was.

behind the scenes with chatelaine, homesense giftwrap

And finally, this wreath created by Jillian Harris.  Interior designer and creative director of Charlie Ford Vintage.  She created this wreath with old sheets of music.  And it has lights!

chatelaine behind the scenes

This was taken in Emma's bedroom.  How gorgeous is that mirror and fireplace?

behind the scenes with Chatelaine, wreath by Jillian Harris

If there's one thing that stood out right from the get go, it was how calm everyone was during the entire shoot.  I honestly expected the atmosphere to be a little more chaotic and I was even terrified of getting in the way but that wasn't the case at all.  Everyone was so laid back and welcoming and it was great to watch Emma and Andrea style up a storm and create some amazing shots for the December issue.  Some simple tips I took away by just observing and asking a few questions:

  • take your time and don't rush (simple but I'm guilty of this.  Especially when you want a great shot before the sun goes down!)
  • music helps to set the mood
  • a very slow shutter speed can work well for shooting as long as you have a tripod
  • don't focus on making everything look so perfect; trust your vision
  • look for other items in your own home that can add a layer of interest or help make the scene look more realistic

Sometimes it's the simple things that are often overlooked, right?  These are definitely points to remember when I'm styling or photographing pieces for my blog and hopefully it helps you in some way as well!

chatelaine behind the scenes, Emma Reddington

What an inspiring and invaluable experience.  Thanks again to Emma and Chatelaine for an experience I will never forget!

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