Ottawa Street, Hamilton

On Saturday we took a quick last-minute trip to Ottawa Street in search of some fabric for Louis. I can't believe I've never explored this area before. It was a street filled with upholstery stores and antique shops, definitely a pleasant surprise!

There was tons and tons of fabric to choose from and the layout was much more inviting than the Queen Street shops I previously visited. No claustrophobia, just spacious and clean:

I even stopped off at a consignment shop that my girlfriend told me about, The Millionaire's Daughter. They had some great antique pieces but most of her stuff was mighty pricey. You know me, I'm a bargain hunter and thrift store kinda gal.

I am planning on making another visit sometime soon. It will have to be a day where I can take my time and peruse the other shops as well as grab a bite to eat at Cafe Limoncello (thanks to Rosita for the reco!). If you're ever in the need for some upholstery or drapery fabric, I suggest checking this place out. I left with tons of swatches for my Louis chairs. I still haven't decided what type of fabric to go with but once I narrow it down I will definitely post my top choices. I could use the advice, I am so torn!