One Room Challenge – Week 3

Hey there!  It's Week 3 of the One Room Challenge and I'm happy to share some progress on my studio makeover.  If you'd like a little more background or want to check out my before's you can catch up with Week 1 here and Week 2 here.

Since last weeks update, there have been a few changes.  You may recall this beautiful inspiration photo?


Sadly, it's not going to happen.  My plan was to DIY a miniature version of a daybed but after taking a long, hard look at the space and measuring the room for the 20th time, it's just not going to fit. My plan was to place it across the desk and even tried it in the corner but it would be way too bulky especially since my desk is already massive.  So, I'm thinking something on a smaller scale.  I'd love a sitting area where I can read, recharge and be inspired. I love the photo below, the mixture of traditional furniture and modern scandinavian elements makes the space feel modern but not too stark or minimal.  This photo has inspired me to use a chair I already have which I think would work well in the space (bonus!).


The good news is, we managed to get my MASSIVE desk into the room.  And that was a fun adventure to say the least.  Tried it up the stairs; didn't fit.  Tried it through the room's window; didn't fit.  Thankfully, we managed to fit the desktop through our bedroom window!  Let me tell you, my heart was beating so fast when my Dad offered to stand ON TOP of our garage roof to get that sucker in.  Apparently standing on your roof is no big deal (insert screwface).  I honestly said, "let's just cut the piece in half and call it day"  But before I could even utter that entire sentence my Dad was already on the roof. He was determined!  


And there it is folks, the desktop is in! I'm loving it so far and so thankful for all the help from my Dad (who built it) and also my Mom and Uncle for helping deliver and maneuver this baby around the house.  But here's my dilemma:  do I stain the wood?  I'm kind of loving the natural wood but it looks a little too yellow, don't you think?  (also, the lighting is not great in this photo so it does look extra yellow). I would love your thoughts and/or suggestions on this because I am completely torn.

I'd say that's pretty good progress for Week 3 but there's still tons to do:

  • lighting situation (pendant!)
  • reading nook (which chair? thinking I will use something I already have)
  • fill holes and touch up paint
  • select and hang artwork
  • accessorize
  • style
  • photograph

I feel like I'm missing a few things so I will re-evaluate my to-do list a bit later.  I must say, It's been a fun experience so far and what makes it even better is to be able to follow along with other bloggers who are participating in this challenge as well.  You can catch 20 awesome designers here as well as other guest participants like myself here.  Until next week!


photo 1 | photo 2