One Room Challenge – The Reveal!

Today is the day - the reveal day that over 150+ bloggers have been working towards.  To be honest, it was a race against time trying to get my shots done right before the sunset but I did it and I'm so thrilled with my finished studio space!

No matter how small a room, it takes time and patience.  For a new entrepreneur like myself, I've learned that time is limited and I have to make every hour count.  This challenge has helped me become more decisive, organized and it also increased my alcohol tolerance.  Because let’s face it, you need wine.  Or in my case, cider.  Sweet, sweet cider.


If you’re new here, welcome to Love On Sunday!  I am an interior stylist and graphic designer living in the Greater Toronto Area. I recently took the plunge and quit my full-time job to follow my dreams. I help businesses re-brand, re-design and more.  I also work with families and couples who require assistance with styling their home. 

So back to the space – I wanted a place that was calming, inspiring and slightly minimal.  Do you remember the before’s?


Not calming at all.  I hated working in there. I loved the desk but it wasn't right for the space.  

Also, a little update on the chair situation.  Remember the cane back antique chair I was refinishing? (above)  Yeah, didn’t happen.  It turns out, you should always watch a youtube video BEFORE trying to strip the back of a cane chair.  What a disaster.  It’s blotchy and needs a lot more finessing.  So, it’s still in my garage but it will be done very soon.  Super bummed about that but lesson learned.  On a happier note, I scored a lounge chair on Kijiji for $20!  Not even hating on the cushions but I’m thinking it might need to be replaced in the near future.  What do you think?


I wanted to keep the majority of the walls blank because this is where I'll be shooting things for my blog and portfolio.  It was important for me to have a blank canvas that would easily turn into a backdrop for a shoot. The wall-to-wall desk space provides ample space for working and styling.  I've reserved the area on the far right corner for shooting smaller pieces. 


The hanging planter was a last minute addition.  I've been eyeing that plant for awhile now.  Instead of hanging it from the ceiling, I decided to use an extra IKEA shelf bracket.  The wall above my computer usually changes based on what I'm working on so it's rare that it will stay this clean and minimal.  You'll notice in the first photo above, I've already started placing some inspiration pieces.


Thanks to all the folks who’ve been following my progress here and on Instagram.  Your positive and encouraging comments definitely helped me push through.  My studio makeover had a slow start but I hustled and managed to sprint to the finish line.  A big thanks to Linda from Calling it Home for creating this challenge and also much love to my parents and hubs for helping me with this space.  

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I hope you'll check back soon as I'll be updating my home for the holidays and posting some free printables too!

xo, Amy