New Project - Dressing Room

via The Coveteur

I've posted about having a dream closet but I never thought I'd have the opportunity to design one! It turns out one of my besties Anh, is looking to transform her extra bedroom into a dressing room. We've been using the term 'closet' but in all honesty I think dressing room is a more appropriate term since it will be huge! I'm talking space for a shoe wall, a sitting area and a computer. AH-MAZING.

I'm super excited about this project for two reasons. One, I love her style. I'm actually in the process of helping her launch a fashion blog (more deets on that later). But here's a sneak peek from a recent photoshoot:

How fun is it to decorate a space when you already love their taste? The second reason why I'm super stoked is because she's always been one of my biggest fans and supporters (I'm talking girlfriends since fact you may notice she's a frequent commenter on this blog. Thanks Anh! xoxo).

So I've put together a quick colour palette based on her favourite colours (of course some other textures and a teeny bit of animal print will be thrown into the mix)

And a few inspiration photos to get started:

Loving the white walls and the large antique mirror...

Digging the colour, texture and typography combo here...

Every girl needs a good jewelry organizer...

This settee is gorgeous and the wallpapered shelves are a must...

I love how they framed bags to add colour and interest. Also that display case is gorgeous.

The extra room has been cleared and we're now starting to search for some key pieces for the room. Make sure to follow along to see the progress! You can also follow me on Instagram (amy_loveonsunday) and my Facebook page (Love On Sunday) for more updates. Happy Hump Day All!


via The Coveteur via The Coveteur, Garance Dore via The Coveteur, Elyse Walker via Jenna Lyons Closet from Trulia | via Jennifer Eisenstadt via Pinterest | via Pinterest, Ginger Snapped