My Kilim Pillow

kilim pillow, brooklyn flea, christian rathbone Whenever I go on vacation I look for something unique to bring home and here is my latest souvenir:  a beautiful Kilim pillow from the Brooklyn Flea.  I must say, after studying carpets and textiles in class, I pay closer attention to the quality and craftsmanship of a piece.  And if you're familiar with Kilim rugs and pillows, you must know they're not cheap. Rugs are usually in the thousands and pillows in the hundreds so when I spotted this booth at the flea, I RAN.

While rummaging though the different designs like a mad woman, I met the owner, Christian Rathbone.  What caught my attention was the fact that all products are handmade in Turkey, using an ancient technique that includes natural materials free of chemicals, treatments and synthetics. Everything is done using traditional methods where the wool is spun, weaved and knotted by hand.  I really love things with a good story and as funny as it may sound, this pillow makes me feel like I have a piece of history.  Company's who are committed to sustainability and social responsibility are definitely garnering more attention and it's for good reason.  Their products work for the environment, not against it.

Some of Christian's designs will be featured this fall on CB2's Edition Limed so watch out for that.  And if you love kilim, make sure to follow him on Instagram or check out his Etsy store.

Loving how it looks with my West Elm rug!

kilim pillow, christian rathbone, west elm rug

***please note:  this is not a sponsored post.  I'm just a happy customer who likes to spread the love.***

Happy weekend everyone!