Mad Woman

I'm just another Mad Men fan. But it's not just because of the dapper Don Draper. Seeing as I LOVE vintage fashion and Interior Design, I'm THAT person who while I'm watching the show will say, "omg, I love that rug" or "omg, did you see Megan's shoes?". It's come to the point where I don't say anything anymore because I would be talking during most of the show which would be uber annoying.

When Banana Republic came out with part 1 and 2 of the Mad Men collection, I was in love with many of their pieces, but now that much time has passed (I believe the show left off in the late 60's) I can't wait to see how everyone's style has evolved. I'm a big fan of Joan's figure hugging pieces, but I adore Megan Drapers style. Her Mod look is definitely reminiscent of the late 60's and early 70's. LOVE.

Ok, so now for the goods. Banana Republic will be releasing their Mad Men Collection part trois in March. But instead of the wool cardigans and Jackie O blazers, their inspiration has been drawn from Megan's character. I'm curious to see the collection and how it will be received by shoppers. Also, this reveal couldn't have come at a better time since bright colour blocking is back in. I can't wait to see how Banana will incorporate this mod look into their line of clothing which is so well known for clean lines and classic pieces. Here's an exclusive sketch from Banana Republic:


I'm super excited for this, only about 4 more months to go!