Happy Early Mother's Day!

Now you can put a face to the name. Meet Mamarazzi. She's my thrift-loving partner in crime, my sounding board, my Mama. She has helped shaped me into the woman I am today and I have to thank her for that because I think I turned out pretty darn good! (hehe) I also wouldn't have started this blog if it weren't for her. She exposed me to thrifting and decorating on a budget from such an early age that it's become part of who I am. So thanks Mamarazzi, because I know damn sure you are reading this.

So Sunday is Mother's Day, and guess where we'll be going?

Talk about the perfect Mother's Day outing! You should have heard the excitement and pure joy in Mamarazzi's voice. We'll be doing an early breakfast and heading over to the Junction Flea. I've always wanted to check this place out. So if you're in the area, meet us there!

I also want to say Happy Early Mother's Day to all the hardworking and beautiful Mama's out there! A lot of the important women in my life are Mama's and let me tell you, I don't know how you do it ladies. I realize all these women in my life have similar traits: they are hardworking, patient, kind and exude energy - lots of it. It's definitely inspiring and I hope I can handle motherhood just as gracefully as you ladies when my time comes.

Happy Weekend! xoxo