Furniture Friday...On Sunday :-s

The last couple of days have been a little crazy so my Friday post is a little late. However, I'm definitely glad I waited because I'm so excited to share my amazing weekend find!

On Saturday we ventured up north to check out a consignment store called Chic-a-boom. First off, I have to thank my boss for telling me about this place. She's aware of my love for the Louis chair, and had seen a set during her last visit.

The store is located in Caledon, about a 45-minute drive from central Mississauga. There's not much to see on the way up, but the drive was pretty relaxing and mainly consisted of sky, hills and barns.

When we got inside, there it was in all it's glory...8 Louis XVI chairs! Looking past the terrible wood finish and hideous upholstery, I knew the chair had great bones and just needed some refinishing. I'm planning on stripping the varnish and painting the chairs white with a distressed look. Similar to the Restoration Hardware version. The upholstery will also be replaced but that won't be too difficult (I hope). If you notice the price of this chair at Restoration Hardware, it's over $200 for 1 chair. I paid $200 for 4 chairs! So I saved about $600, and just need to put in a little elbow grease and make it my own. So there it is, my search for the Louis chair is complete. I can't wait to start this fun project and I'll keep you posted on my progress!

Oh, and before I forget. I saw THE cutest dog at the store. I'm not really a dog person but this little guy stole my heart (see pics below).