Furniture Friday - My Dining Bench

For this Furniture Friday, I've decided to highlight one of my favourite Kijiji finds, my rustic dining bench! I wanted to add some warmth to my dining area because it felt really cold with the glass top and black and white chairs. I really had my heart set on this West Elm bench:

But of course the price was way over my budget...$500! Convinced I would find something online or at a thrift store, I scoured Craigslist and Kijiji daily, and continued to search during my weekly vintage escapades. And then one day I stumbled upon this beauty. This nice lady was selling it on Kijiji for $59! What an amazing deal. Not only is the quality of the wood amazing (reclaimed African wood), but it also ended up being a similar wood tone as my floors. I think the wood really warms the space up. I also plan on getting one of those small sheepskin rugs from Ikea which can be used for some additional tushy cushion if needed, and will also bring in some added texture. I wish I could show you my entire dining area but we had some laundry hanging so not a good look. Once I get my Louis chairs completed, I will definitely post an updated pic. Have a great weekend everyone!