Furniture Friday: Mamarazzi and her side tables

When it comes to Mamarazzi* and I, that saying holds true; the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. This week she sent me more than 10 photo messages while at the thrift store. Fabric, tables, furniture- you name it. If you left us in a store together, don't expect a short stop. You better bring some food and expect to nap in the car if you don't bring your A-Game. Never rush 2 women on a mission.

Being newly retired leaves Mamarazzi with ample time to clean, organize, re-decorate and what? BUILD A BANQUETTE. Well technically, my Dad is building the banquette and Mamarazzi's supervising. With a little help from me of course. But more on the banquette in another post.

One of the many things I love about Mamarazzi is her hunting abilities and her luck in finding great gems. Especially at thrift stores since she knows I'm always on a budget. I told her I was looking for a cute plant stand as well as a side table and she sends me this:

It's like she read my mind or something. I knew I wanted a stand with some kind of ornate detailing but still clean looking. Most of the pieces in my living room are pretty streamlined with the exception of an antique chandelier so I knew this would be perfect. And even was only $25. SCORE!

And then a couple days later, she stumbles upon these:

(I apologize for the terrible photo quality). She picked up these 2 for $40 total. Would've liked to spend less but hey, can't complain. I'm thinking of painting the legs black or maybe a colour like emerald or navy? Thoughts?

Big thanks to Mamarazzi for all her help! xoxo

*Mamarazzi /mɑːməˈrɑːtsi/:
A combination of Mama and Paparazzi. A loving nickname we created for my mother 4 years ago. She is always armed with her camera and never misses a photo op. Mamarazzi may invade your personal space now and again but she is oblivious to that so just smile in her direction. Some family members have even described her camera as a weapon.