Furniture Friday: Louis XVI Chair

Photo credit: Restoration Hardware

I have nothin' but love for the Louis. It's such a beautiful chair, I'm drawn to the fluted legs and oval back; such a classic look. I really do appreciate all kinds of furniture; french, scandinavian or country. So I thought, why not write a regular post about it and learn some new things along the way? So, (drum roll please)...I present to you Furniture Friday!

Today's Furniture Friday is about the Louis XVI Chair. It's a classic piece and something I've been eyeing for quite some time. I am in the midst of redesigning my dining area and being a lover of French Eclectic, I naturally gravitated towards this Louis chair. Looking to add some warmth and old world charm to my streamlined glass dining table, I thought this chair would warm it up and add some personality to the space. Also, I love the versatility of this chair- it goes with any decor style: modern, rustic, country or eclectic. You can't go wrong with a Louis!

So I was thinking, Louis XVI must have been some badass king to have this beaut of a chair named after him. Boy, was I wrong. Apparently, it took him 7 years to consummate his marriage with his queen Marie Antoinette. He didn't know how it 'worked'. He had to have a talk about the birds and bees with his bro first. Poor, poor Marie.

Ok, back to the chair. During King Louis' reign, archaeologists were working to uncover ancient roman towns that were buried by the Mt. Vesuvius eruption. Surprisingly, pieces of furniture were found and this started a craze all over Europe. A more rustic look was favoured among the elite and with the interest in Greece and Rome and a new philosophical emphasis on simplicity - Neoclassicism was born. A contrast from the ornate and excessive style of the previous Rococo era, this style is known for it's elegant straight lines, fluted legs and more emphasis on visible wood.

Soooo, why haven't I bought this chair you ask? 2 reasons:

  1. I can't bring myself to spend over $200 on a chair (when I need 3!)
  2. I haven't decided if I want to change my dining table

Decisions, decisions. I'm hoping to stumble upon 3 of these beauties at a garage sale one morning. Wishful thinking? A girl can dream.

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