Fabric Hunting Sunday

This past Sunday I started the fabric hunt for my Louis chairs. I decided to start by Queen and Spadina. Affordable Textiles, sounds like my kinda store.

Some pretty fabric at the front quickly caught my eye. Every time I walk by this store they seem to have the same bins of fabric outside. Maybe they're a hot seller? or no one wants them? Who knows. But I love the bold colours and pattern, especially the blue and green one. Unfortunately, this fabric is super thin and would be more suitable for clothing or perhaps throw pillows.

I remember being in these stores years ago and I forgot how claustrophobic they make me feel. These stores are PACKED with rows or fabric everywhere. I'm talking floor to ceiling tiny aisles that you have to squeeze through. And to my disappointment, none of this fabric was for upholstery. Doesn't my face say it all?

However, right when we were about to leave, I decided to try my luck with one more store and I did find 2 fabrics. A navy and a deep purple. I'm definitely leaning towards the navy since that's my accent colour in the living room. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I picked up that purple fabric though. It's not even an option anymore- it was slim pickins, maybe I just got excited. The navy also has a better texture and thickness. The only thing I'm concerned about is the grain. If you look closely, the navy fabric appears to have horizontal lines which can be fairly tricky when trying to reupholster a chair because these lines cannot be off or crooked in any way. I will need to consult my upholstery teacher and see what she thinks. Thoughts on navy? Love it or hate it?

Picture something like this but darker...

via Brooke Giannetti

So the hunt continues. My next stop will be Ottawa Street in Hamilton. I heard that's the place to go for upholstery. But whatever type of fabric I choose, I need to love it and it has to be versatile and durable. I'm thinking longevity, I've put in so much time and effort into these chairs, my grandchildren better take good care of them.

All that hunting left us famished so we rewarded ourselves with this:

Yes, I love random food shots. I can't even remember the last time I had a burger and fries so I had to include this photo. Doesn't it look glorious?