Current Obsession: Laura Lombardi Jewelry

I've always loved jewelry.  I mean, what girl doesn't love a little bling in her life?  From the big hoops to the chandelier earrings to the statement necklace (still on that) - I've worn it all.  But lately I've been on the hunt for some original handcrafted pieces for every day wear.  I recently discovered Laura Lombardi Jewelry.  I'm actually obsessed and still torn about which piece to buy.  I mean, have a look at these beauties:

What do you think?  Have any favourites?

1.  Ara Necklace 2.  Triangle Necklace 3.  Bolt Earrings 4.  Fortuna Necklace 5.  Formosa Bracelet 6.  Rassena Necklace 7.  Decima Bracelet