Colour In My Living Room

via Sara Tuttle Interiors

I'll be honest. I find colour a little scary at times. Sounds insane coming from a graphic designer but decorating is a whole different beast. With graphic design, you can go through dozens of mockups and nothing is ever really final unless it's going out for print. Changing the colour of your entire website or correcting a typo online takes minimum effort whereas painting a room can takes hours and you won't even know if it's the right colour until the paint has dried completely, and you've seen how the colour can look different during the day and the evening. I find that a tad scary and it's a problem for me. I'm indecisive, a little impatient at times, and I just can't commit.

I tend to lean towards a grey and white palette because I love how clean and calm it feels. I try to stay away from anything too trendy because I know I'll eventually get tired of it. But after 2 years of living in my condo, I've finally decided on an accent colour: blue (well, more navy blue). It's a versatile colour that goes well with black and white, and also pops of pink and gold that make appearances around my home. Blue is also the only colour my boyfriend and I could agree on. Your man has to love it too, right?

So after deciding on an accent colour, I wanted to get them on our walls. I take alot of photographs and I managed to find 2 perfect images to blow up for our living room. The one on the left was taken in Toronto while the other photo was taken on a trip to Hawaii. The second photo was actually the result of my shutter speed set too low on my camera. I usually trash these photos directly from the camera but the colours appealed to me and I'm so glad I decided to keep it because I love how it looks blown up in a frame.

For the frames, I bought some Ikea ones and spray painted them gold. The painted began to chip a bit (probably because I didn't wait long enough for it to dry). I could've done another coat but I actually like how the paint has peeled off. It makes the frame look a bit aged and adds a bit of character. So here it is, the finished product in my living room. Now, I just need to sew my new blue pillows and I'm all set!