What? It's Week 4, guys. If you're new to these parts, WELCOME! I'm Amy and I run Love On Sunday which provides styling services  to clients in Toronto and the surrounding area. If you're eager to see past weeks, you can check them out here:

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SO, just when I think I'm getting ahead on project #mildredmanor, we hit a little bit of a roadblock. I feel like I have searched everywhere for some pinch pleat curtains that don't break the bank. Like any project, we are working with a set budget and it's my goal to come in slightly under budget. I was hoping to find some that were already made but it turns out, Canadian retailers love grommets. WHY??????!!!! The linen drapes below would actually be perfect but they only ship to the U.S:


So please, if you have a source that ships to Canada that won't cost an arm and a leg, do share in the comments!

On a positive note, everything else is moving along smoothly. We've decided to go with an antique dining table to pair with the french Louis chairs. It's square & extendable which is PERFECT for their dining room. Plus, it adds some lovely character to the space. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of it but I will soon! We also scored a beautiful mirror off Kijiji for an amazing price. It's gold and has a Moroccan trellis vibe which I'm loving (you can see a sketch of the shape in the drawing below). I think it will be a perfect focal point for the room.

The lighting has been delivered and I'm drooling over the double swing arm light from Wayfair. And if you've been following me on Instagram, you'll notice I posted about the beautiful dining pendant we went with. I sketched the living and dining area to scale to provide measurements for the electrician:


Here's a photo of the dining pendant installed:

one room challenge.jpg

I'm hoping to have a few more photos next week as well as some curtains purchased and ready for delivery! (crossing fingers). Here's what's left to do:

- console table delivery
- find some pinch pleat curtains (help!)
- pick up accessories (throw pillows and small decor pieces)
- select art (DIY)
- pickup frames from IKEA
- pickup a plant
- schedule a shoot date and take the photos!

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