A + D | Our Wedding Day

tara-mcmullen-photography-toronto-wedding-loveonsunday I'm so excited to finally share some photos from our wedding day, I've been meaning to do it for months now!  The weeks leading up to the big day were truly memorable.  Late nights putting invitations together and creating succulent centrepieces...all with my favourite people.  I feel so blessed to have such handy and resourceful parents who helped me build everything from the custom centrepieces (which my dad built by hand from scrap pallet wood) to my Mom creating all the flower arrangements.

a handmade wedding

handmade wedding, toronto wedding, thompson hotel wedding

wedding toronto first look

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toronto diy wedding

toronto diy wedding

diy wedding toronto

handmade wedding, toronto wedding, DIY wedding, thompson hotel wedding

handmade wedding, toronto wedding, DIY wedding, thompson hotel wedding

handmade wedding toronto

handmade wedding, toronto wedding, DIY wedding, thompson hotel wedding

handmade wedding, toronto wedding, DIY wedding, thompson hotel wedding

handmade wedding, toronto wedding, DIY wedding, thompson hotel wedding

diy wedding toronto

diy wedding toronto

diy toronto wedding

handmade wedding, toronto wedding, DIY wedding, thompson hotel wedding

handmade wedding, toronto wedding, DIY wedding, thompson hotel wedding

toronto diy wedding

Hands down, best day of my life.  I have never felt so much love in one room - it was awesome!

Thank you to our amazing photographer, Tara McMullen.  You can check out more of our wedding day photos on her blog, here.

Happy New Year Everyone! xo


My Bridal Shower

With my wedding less than a month away, life has been extra busy the past couple of months.  With a guestlist of about 120, my parents and I have decided to tackle this in true DIY fashion.  I'm talking handmade custom centrepieces, decor and invitations.  I can't wait to share with you all the fun projects we've been working on lately but first, here's a peek of the beautiful bridal shower my Mom and girls threw for me a couple of weekends ago.

bridal shower, loveonsunday

The scene:  A beautiful rooftop venue decorated with flowers straight from my Mom's garden.  A signature pink Mojito as well as delicious food from one of my favourite caterers.  A pretty sweet table created by one of my bridesmaids, cute giveaways, prizes and games and of course a room filled with my most favourite ladies.

bridal shower, loveonsunday

bridal shower, lighting

bridal shower

bridal shower, loveonsunday

bridal shower, loveonsunday

 bridal shower games, loveonsunday

bridal shower, loveonsunday

bridal shower, loveonsunday

bridal shower, loveonsunday

bridal shower, loveonsunday

A big thank you to everyone who came out, as well as my Mom and bridal party.

Photo credits:  Beverly Zabawskyj Photography

Vintage Mason Jars

vintage mason jars If you've been following me for awhile now, you know I have some hoarder tendencies.  I just love old things, especially items that have a history or a great story behind it.  I've collected quite a few mason jars over time but I've never (until now) owned any jars quite like these.

I was on the hunt for 50-60 pint size jars for my centrepieces and other fun wedding stuff.  I came across an ad on Craigslist with the subject line:  'Vintage Mason Jars - $50' and a photo with a set of 8.  My first thought was, '$50! are you MAD?  That's like $6.25 per jar!'  But after further inspection, I noticed he had TONS of jars, like boxes of them.  So I decided try my luck and contact the guy.

vintage mason jars

Now, I've seen a few of these Crown jars at antique shops but never purchased one since they usually go for a higher price point.  Well, I really lucked out because the previous owner had an entire lot that was used for his wedding and he was dying to get rid of them.  So I basically paid $50 for about 65 jars.  SCORE!

vintage crown mason jars

And these are the real thing; I just love the crown design on the front.  I was able to get pint and quart size jars, some clear glass and some aqua colour.  After some digging online, I discovered that Crown canning jars were made between 1880-1965.  The ones with air bubbles (which mine all have) are likely to be handmade and pre-1920's.  The lids come in two parts, a glass top and a zinc screw on lid.  The cap even reads 'Made in Canada'.

vintage crown mason jars

The idea is to use these for centrepieces and/or favours but I'm not sure I will be able to part with all of them.  I will have to keep a few for myself!  The craftsmanship on these jars are incredible and as cheesy as this may sound, it feels like I have a little piece of history.  Pretty cool.

There's so many different ways to use mason jars, here are some of my favourites:

vintage mason jar ideas

Do you collect mason jars?  What's your favourite way to use them?

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It's been almost 10 days since my last post and I can't help but feel a little bit guilty about it.  The truth is, I've been sick with the cold from hell.  You know, when your entire face feels congested and you can't stand the thought of staring at a computer screen because your eyes start to water and burn, your headache gets worse and all this is happening while you are mouth breathing like nobodys business.   Now that's a beautiful picture, isn't it?   Okay, I'm being super-dramatic.  Things could be a lot worse and I'm thankful it was just a bad cold.  I'm feeling much better now.

The past couple of weeks have been busy and being a blogger is a lot of pressure.  Pressure to post regularly, to keep your traffic up, to come up with original content - sometimes it just gets to be TOO MUCH.  Especially when you have a full-time job, a partner and freelance projects to get done.  How do you even fit in a social life?   or time with your family?  Much like a lot of my blogging peers, I was starting to feel uninspired.  I was starting to forget the reason why I started this blog in the first place.  It was never to make money (although that would be nice), it was simply my vehicle to be creative and to build something that was completely mine.  An online portfolio of sorts and hey, if it landed me the position of my dreams, even better!  So I'm going to keep trucking along and hope to find some kind of balance.  I hope you continue to follow me and enjoy what you see and read here on my blog.

Right now I am also planning my wedding.  A lot of people warned me that it could get difficult and that it really tests your relationship with your partner.  I can honestly say that so far, the process has been easy peasy.  I feel blessed because we both want the same things, we have our priorities straight and we're not going to let the little details stress us out.  If anything, I think this process has taught me more about myself and my relationship with others.  I'm learning I can't always do everything and be everything.  I'm learning I can't always make the right decisions from the get go but it's okay because everyone makes mistakes.  I'm learning that drifting from some of my oldest and dearest friends is okay because it doesn't mean you are forgotten, it just means you'll have more to talk about once you reunite.

So you'll have to excuse the lack of posts and comment replies as I am still figuring out how to find the right balance and carve a routine that works for me.  In the meantime, you can check out some of my wedding inspiration.  The top photo was from my girlfriends Hawaiian wedding which you can check out here and you can check out my wedding colours over at Emma's blog, The Marion House Book.

Things To Do + a $100 Minted Giveaway!

minted giveaway, love on sunday January was a pretty busy month for me.  I'm talking de-cluttering, organizing and a never ending to-do list.  I also happen to be planning my wedding which by the way, is 6 months from now.  But in order to simplify things and to keep me sane, I have highlighted 2 main goals I hope to tackle in the next couple of weeks:

1.  Complete art wall   and   2.  Finalize wedding colours

For my art wall, I came across Minted's selection of art prints.  From abstract to black and white photographs, there's an endless selection of goodness.  They also support independent artists so I can get behind any company that does that!  Here are some of my favourite  prints:

minted art prints

1. Rooftops of Paris    2. Desert Diptych    3. Block Printed Arches    4. Deer Flirtation    5. Abstract Brights    6.  The Moderne

Next, my wedding colours.  I've hemmed and hawed about this decision for months now.  I've always gravitated towards soft colours and when I saw this gorgeous wedding shower on Minted's blog Julep, it pretty much sealed the deal.  I'm in love with the soft blush tones mixed in with tons of white and natural hues:

minted julep blog

minted wedding shower DIY

julep wedding showers

Just gorgeous!

And now for the fun part.  In order to enter the giveaway, all you need to do is complete 2 simple steps:

1. check out Minted's art prints and pick your favourite

2. leave a comment on this post, stating your favourite print

and that's it!  The winner will be announced on Monday, February 10th.  Just in time for Valentine's Day, so get on it people!  Good Luck!




Wedding Planning

hawaiian wedding decor

Holy crap, I'm getting married. I've been shouting it from the rooftops and posting it everywhere just because that's me and I'm so excited! But in terms of planning I've put in minimal effort because life has been pretty busy. We definitely want a smaller wedding and that in my culture is sometimes tricky. If you have any Filipino friends you will quickly learn two things about us.  1.  We love to eat and 2. we are all related. Not in the incestuous way but in the 'my cousin's cousin is my cousin too' kind of way. We're just one BIG happy family! Good friends are family and you better believe that when you get invited for dinner, your ass will eat 3 meals before leaving the party. Guaranteed.

What I have been thinking about, which is no surprise, is the decor and the invitations. I've always pictured an intimate setting, maybe outdoors with pretty stringed lights and lanterns or an amazing restaurant with delicious food. I even thought about an upscale or casual bbq inspired by Sherry and John of Young House Love. Here are a few of my inspiration images:

wedding planning

Since I'm a graphic designer, I of course will be designing my own invites and I'm really loving these...

So my married ladies, I ask you...what knowledge can you bestow upon me? Advice for wedding planning? Advice on where to start? What not to do? I plan on enjoying every bit of this planning process and not lose sight of what the day is really about: it's about our marriage, our future and 2 families coming together to celebrate!

P.S. The title photo was taken by moi at my girlfriends hawaiian wedding which was gorgeous! You can check it out here.

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