All That White

Whenever I search for photos of my dream home, there is always one common denominator: white.  I’ve always been drawn to spaces that are light and bright so it's no surprise this space stole my heart. Midcentury modern pieces along with subtle textile patterns perfectly complement the intricate architectural details in this beautiful apartment. I mean, if I had THAT fireplace...I would never leave.  Scroll down for more of this gorgeous space shot by photographer Jonas Berg.


I Quit My Job.

interior styling toronto That's right, I did it.  I am finally a full-time entrepreneur.  I say "finally" because it's something I've been thinking about for quite some time now.  As someone who's worked a steady job since I was 16, venturing off into a world of uncertainty was a scary thought for me.  The thought of not having a pay check every 2 weeks was terrifying to say the least especially now that we've moved from a condo into a new house (stay tuned for that post).

loveonsunday interior styling

I had a good job, working as a full-time graphic designer for a large Canadian brand but something kept tugging at me.  It started as a whisper which I ignored, and then it just got louder as each day passed.  Soon I felt like someone was throwing a brick at me screaming, "you're on the wrong path, stupid".  It would consume my thoughts morning and night.  I've always been very self-aware and observant of the things that happen in my life and it just so happened that opportunities would present themselves every time I was closer to making my decision.  Opportunities that I've always wanted and just couldn't pass up.  Oprah says, "there's no such thing as luck.  There's only preparation meeting the moment of opportunity".  I believe this 100%.  I wasn't ready a year ago but I worked hard, sacrificed and hustled…and now I'm exactly where I need to be.  Now is my moment of opportunity.

loveonsunday working as a freelance designer

After working over a decade on and off with freelance clients of my own, I knew I could sustain a somewhat steady income and be much happier because I would be able to create the life I've always wanted.  Working for a growing company can be rewarding but also challenging at the same time.  On the upside, you get to be part of something amazing that touches the lives of thousands.  On the downside, you may have to give up a lot of your own free time in order to meet the needs of the business.  I soon felt that I was giving up too much of my life, especially for something that I couldn't see myself doing for the long haul.  It just wasn't right for me anymore.  My heart and gut was telling me it's time to go.  The life I wanted included being my own type of creative person and still being able to enjoy my home, family and friends.

loveonsunday interior styling toronto

So here I am, writing on my couch on a Tuesday morning.  I'm a little under the weather, surrounded by a mound of kleenex and blankets but I wouldn't have it any other way.  There's something liberating, scary and exciting about creating something that is truly your own.  Only I can determine how much money I make and whether I get a raise at the end of the year.  I'm ecstatic and thankful that I have the opportunity to take this risk during this time in my life.  It's going to be a long and hard road ahead but I accept the challenge.  I'm now comfortable with being uncomfortable.  It also helps that I have the most supportive hubby in the world.  I wouldn't have been able to leave a steady full-time job if it weren't for his belief and trust in me and of course his steady income.  He's always been my #1 supporter which makes things a lot less scary and a lot more exciting :)

interior styling toronto

So things are going to look a little different around here.  I'm in the process of consolidating my portfolio and blog so some changes will have to be made to Love On Sunday.  Right now, my business will be focusing on interior styling and graphic design and I definitely want my site to reflect that.  I hope you'll stick around for what's to come!

loveonsunday freelance designer

Behind the scenes with Chatelaine (Part 2): Q & A with Emma Reddington

q & a with Emma Reddington, behind the scenes with Chatelaine, part 2 You know that feeling of seeing someone's home online and thinking, 'yeah, I could live there'.  I'm sure it happens all the time, right?.  Now imagine experiencing that in the flesh.  Emma's home is truly an inspiration to me.  It's stylish yet functional, refined yet comfortable and absolutely timeless.  All the characteristics I would want for my own home.

Emma Reddington Interview, Emma Reddington dining roomPhoto credit: Kristin Sjaarda

As the home editor of Chatelaine as well as the editor behind The Marion House Book, I knew Emma would be a wealth of knowledge and she was kind enough to answer a few of my questions:

With the growing amount of decor bloggers in Canada, how do you think this has influenced the content in magazines?

Generally speaking, I think readers of both blogs and magazines have come to appreciate a more undecorated look. Certainly blogs like The Selby and Design*Sponge have heralded homes of everyday people that are less decorated (or at the very least not decorated by professional designers) than what magazines have shown in the past. I think if the homeowners are interesting and the story is good readers are willing to look past so-called decorating flaws.

emma reddington, marion house book kitchen

There are so many talented bloggers and stylists who are self-taught. Do you think they are at a disadvantage by not having a design degree? What advice would you give them?

Style and taste are two things that are hard to teach. I think you either have it or you don’t. For some jobs like styling having a good eye (along with an assortment of other talents) is all that is needed. Interior design, on the other hand, takes some hard earned knowledge that is hard to pick up on your own (though not impossible). Building code, space planning, material specifications, detail drawings and above all making spaces safe and aesthetically pleasing takes time and discipline to understand.

Emma Reddington Interview, Marion House Book Kitchen

You've mentioned that since starting your blog almost 4 years ago, it has opened many doors for you. What advice can you give bloggers who want to develop their own brand?

Make it your own. Above everything else you have to blog about things that personally move you. If you have a unique or interesting perspective on the design world or are super DIY handy or take beautiful photographs then showcase those talents. There are already thousands of people reposting stunning images of interiors everyday so what is going to make your site stand out. I think the blogs that rise to the top are the ones where the personality behind the blog rises to the forefront.

emma reddington home

Your blog, The Marion House Book showcases the transformation of your beautiful Victorian home. What tips can you give to new home-owners looking to turn their house into a home?

Take your time! For me the most interesting homes are ones that tell the story of the people that live there. Objects accumulated over time, family photos, antiques handed down through generations all add layers of intrigue and make a house into a home.

Emma Reddington Marion Housebook kitchen

interview with Emma Reddington

What is your most favourite thrifted find and where is it from?

The round circular wooden frame I picked up at Post and Beam Reclamation in Toronto was just a cast off in the back corner but every time I went into the store it called out to me. I eventually brought it home and turned it into the mirror in our hallway. I probably get an email a month from someone wanting to buy it off me!

mirror, post and beam reclamation, marion house book, emma reddington interview

You have almost 4 million Pinterest followers that look to you for inspiration. Where do you find your inspiration these days?

I still get so much of my inspiration from magazines. There are also certain bloggers I always try and visit. Some people just have their finger on the pulse and I definitely try and cull from that!

interview with Emma Reddington, behind the scenes with Chatelaine

A big thank you to Emma for taking the time to answer all my questions.

Also, the December issue of Chatelaine will hit the newstands on Monday November 18th so don't forget to grab your copy!  Did you catch a sneak peek of the cover below?  Christmas is fast approaching and trust me when I say that this issue is going to have some serious inspiration for the holidays.  Stay tuned for my last behind the scenes video next week!

Chatelaine december 2013 cover

A Style Progression

my living room If you're looking at this photo thinking, 'does she really have her xmas tree up?!' the answer is NO.  I love Christmas, but definitely not in October.  This photo was taken last December, when I posted about my living room progress.  Which has always been VERY SLOW.  I get that it's a progression but I'm talking snails pace..  I enjoy helping other people decorate and I tend to neglect my own home.  Reasons being: my indecisiveness and budget.  I'm always going back and forth on style and we don't like spending beyond our means so we like to save for certain items or sell something we no longer want or need in order to buy something new.

But I'm always up for a good challenge and guys,  I'm on a mission.  To be honest, I've been holding back a little because of the chance we may move in the near future so I didn't want to invest any time or money in painting or re-decorating.  But after a good convo with the hubs-to-be, we made the decision that we're not going anywhere any time soon.  And we've made one simple plan which we are going to stick to:  We're only going to surround ourselves with what we truly need and love and we're going to work harder at making this 800 sq. foot box more of a home that reflects us.  

loveonsunday dining room

We recently finished a couple of projects in our home and then realized it's just not us.  For example, if I take a look at the board (above) which I posted last October, some of the elements don't feel like us anymore.  It's crazy how your style can evolve so much in just one year.  I guess a slow decorating process really helps you learn about yourself and what you truly love.  Below are some images that really appeal to both David and I.  I've always loved mid-century modern and vintage furniture (and David has also learned to appreciate it) so I feel like incorporating more of these elements in our home makes sense.  I also have a lot of thrifted pieces that I've collected over the years which I truly love and will always be incorporated into our interior.

Just like my wardrobe, I tend to veer towards an understated ensemble, never over-the-top or too formal.  I'm more of a jeans and white tee kind of gal so I feel like my home needs to reflect that.  I would say both of us are pretty laid back and we dislike rooms that look too perfect.  When I showed him the images above he really loved them (bonus! hehe):

So I ask you, do you feel like your home really reflects you?  Do you find that your style has progressed over the last couple of years?  I'd love to know!

Last four images via: Stadshem

Tea With Sarah Richardson

tea with Sarah Richardson Oh. My. Goodness.  Where do I even begin?  First off,  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  I am starting off this week feeling very inspired and blessed.  In fact, everything still feels very surreal to me.  Meeting Sarah Richardson and touring her studio was of course a HUGE highlight of my weekend so I'd love to share it with you!

On Friday afternoon, myself and 9 other bloggers and guests arrived at Sarah's studio.  Adorned with beautiful furniture, soft floral prints and accessories, the office felt calm, serene and so very Sarah.

tea with sarah richardson

As soon as we entered, we found a table filled with name tags which were appropriately made with Sarah's new fabrics.  These were a lifesaver because the majority of us communicate via twitter so seeing people in person is much, much different than looking at twitter handles and profile pics!

tea with Sarah Richardson

tea with Sarah Richardson

We were then greeted by a beautiful table with fresh flowers, hors d'oeuvres and refreshing beverages by Pluck Teas.  I also had one a couple of Sarah's signature cocktails.  Let's just say it loosened up my nerves just a little bit.  It was delish!

Tea with Sarah Richardson

Sarah spoke candidly about her new show, Real Potential and we also got to take a look at her brand spankin' new fabric line by Kravet.  I gravitated towards the light greys and graphic prints (ha, no surprise there!).  I love how all her patterns were very classic but done in a fresh way.

(I spy with my little eye the lovely Laura and Jennifer below).

tea with sarah richardson

tea with Sarah Richardson

tea with Sarah Richardson

Tea with Sarah Richardson(photo via Pretty Purveyor)

Sarah's brand has grown so much over the last decade. She has surrounded herself with the best team and in fact, some have been with her since her humble beginnings.  Her office is constantly updated with new furniture pieces and artwork (including paintings by her 2 daughters) and we were all surprised to learn that her husband Alexander (who owns his own digital media company and designed her website), has his office on the second floor.  Now that's convenient!  Sarah is such an inspiration for me and it was amazing to get a glimpse of how her studio functions on the daily.

(photo via Sarah Richardson)

And here we are showing off our new totes from Sarah!  Thanks to the Blogpodium team and of course Sarah's team for having us.

Make sure to check back tomorrow to read a full review on my first Blogpodium experience.  I have some very exciting news to share!


The Big Project

living room concept Remember that Living Room Project I posted about?  And my dilemma with the seating options?  Well, it's finally done!  I told you I was indecisive; I didn't even pick any of the seating options I posted about.  Because my client likes to entertain, I decided to go with a sectional for extra seating :)

Sadly, all I have left to share are these in-progress shots of my concept boards.  I really wish I took photos of the final product because I spent so many hours drafting and crafting away.  It was a nice change to work with my hands instead of a computer however, I did find myself thinking "ctrl-z" when I made a boo-boo.  I guess my brain is really hardwired with shortcuts and code!

drafting floorplan and elevations

I haven't drafted in over 10 years so I'm a little rusty.  I had so much fun with the dining area because I included my Louis chairs in the design.  And of course I included the table of all tables, my fave, the iconic Saarinen tulip table.  Ahhh.... so pretty and so darn expensive.  I then topped it off with a pretty chandy, the Meurice from Jonathan Adler to be exact.  What can I say, my client had a pretty big budget!

Have any of you taken design or drafting courses?  What are your favourite parts?

Have a blessed day everyone! xo




Living and Dining Room

I'm gearing up for my largest and most important school project to date and the subject is Living Room Design. I'll be drafting the floor plan and elevations as well as providing concept boards for the furniture, finishes and all that good stuff. I'm so excited about this project and have decided to use my own living and dining room as a starting point. Who knows, maybe I'll follow through with some design decisions!

One of the first challenges I need to address is my love for so many different styles. I love mid-century modern, french, rustic, beachy and a little bit of hollywood glam so this will be a tough one. I also love thrift shopping so a layered, collected look appeals to me as well. I've put together some of my favourite living and dining areas here:

via Fantastic Frank

via Fantastic Frank

via Fantastic Frank

via Fantastic Frank

via Fantastic Frank

via Planete Deco

via Nate Berkus

via Stadshem

via Lonny

via Nate Berkus

via Nate Berkus

via Modern Furniture Design

via Amber Interior Design

via Style at Home

I've already ripped out tons of pages from magazines, and pinned some of my favourite spaces and I'm still not sure what kind of mish mash of styles I will come up with. I'm trying really hard not to over think things because I'm so guilty of that. This will definitely be a challenge and I'm already loving the entire process!

Monochromatic or Complementary?

photos via Magdalena Björnsdotter for Elle Decoration and Pinterest (original source unknown)

I just received my first project back (which I aced by the way, woohoo!) on monochromatic and complementary colour schemes and it got me thinking, what do I gravitate towards? and what do y'all prefer? Colours like blue, pink, turquoise and yellow are all on trend right now. But what colour scheme do you have in your home? or which ones would you like to have?

And for those who aren't sure what these terms mean, monochromatic colour schemes use one colour or the different tints, tones and shades of a single hue. Complementary colour schemes are opposite colours on the colour wheel, for example, red and green. There is also split-complementary which uses a main colour and the 2 colours on each side of its complementary color on the color wheel, for example red with yellow-green and blue-green.

Do you gravitate towards these bold and bright colour schemes?...

Or do you love these light and more peaceful hues?

Or maybe you like a mixture of both in your home? I know it's a struggle for me sometimes because I love so many different colours and styles. I'd love to hear what you think, which do YOU prefer?

Photo Credits, Complementary: via Western Living Magazine | via Pinterest (original source unknown) | via Pinterest (original source unknown) | Pinterest (original source unknown) | via

Photo Credits, Monochromatic: via Stadshem | Elle Decor | via Lily | via William Waldron Photography | via Elle Decor

Weekend Goodness

What a fun, jam packed weekend it was. I hit up a huge street sale in my cousins neighbourhood, spent some quality time with the fam, did a little photosshot, watched a couple of softball games and picked up a couple of items from an estate sale. There was definitely some Sunday love happening when I picked up these awesome chairs...

I scored these two chairs from an online auction. The first chair will most likely be going into #projectdressingroom and the second chair is mine all mine. I've always wanted a cute armchair for my bedroom or office and wouldn't it also look adorable in a nursery or little girls room? There's so many options! Even though this won't be too difficult to reupholster, it will have to wait until Project Louis is complete. I just adore the cane back; can't get enough of it...

The street sale was so much fun, I was delighted to see several lemonade stands and a cute cupcake stand with all proceeds going towards saving the polar bears. Too cute! I found this beautiful rustic shelf which will also be used for #projectdressingroom:

My client wanted to include a few rustic elements so this is perfect. I'm thinking the reclaimed wood will add some depth and character to the space and with a few accessories it will look so beautiful.

How was your weekend? Score any great finds?

Furniture Friday #projectdressingroom

Happy Friday Everyone! I'm so excited to share some progress on Project Dressing Room. We've started sourcing some key pieces and have made our first furniture purchase this week. We actually took a trip to The Singing Lady and Ikea a couple of weeks ago to see if we could get some ideas to get the ball rolling. Here's what we found:

The brass and black chandy is definitely a contender. We also decided the Billy Bookcase is the way to go. It's cost-effective, the shelves are adjustable which would accommodate heels and boots and it's the perfect depth for Anh's shoe size. A chaise or ottoman has always been on her must-have list so one of those will definitely make an appearance. Wallpaper will be used either behind the shelving or on a feature wall. Anh requested something graphic and I've been dying to use the Triangles wallpaper by Lisa Congdon. Yummy! So here is what I'm thinking for the room:

I know it looks pretty white right now but I'm thinking the open shelving and clothing rack will bring a lot of colour into the room. Of course the accessories will also bring in additional colour and texture. We scored that exact desk chair recently, but we will be updating the look with some paint and new upholstery. I've also gathered some paint samples this week so that will be happening very soon. Super excited about #projectdressingroom! You can also follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for real-time photos of my vintage escapades and #projectdressingroom finds!

Have you started any new projects lately? Have a great weekend all!