Happy Holidays!

How is tomorrow Christmas Eve?! I feel like Christmas snuck up on me this year and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. Am I right or am I right? :)

photo by:  The Love Studio  |  Venue:  Yoga Yoga Studio   |  Styling: Amy Carrillo

photo by: The Love Studio |  Venue: Yoga Yoga Studio  |  Styling: Amy Carrillo

photo by:  The Love Studio  |  Venue:  Yoga Yoga Studio   |  Styling: Amy Carrillo

photo by: The Love Studio |  Venue: Yoga Yoga Studio  |  Styling: Amy Carrillo

I just wanted to take some time and thank you, my readers. Every single way that you support me and Love On Sunday, whether it's a referral or a comment on my recent project, honestly means so much. So, THANK YOU. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours,
Amy Carrillo

P.S. The above print is a free printable available in 2 sizes. The above is an IKEA frame. Download it here.

I Quit My Job.

interior styling toronto That's right, I did it.  I am finally a full-time entrepreneur.  I say "finally" because it's something I've been thinking about for quite some time now.  As someone who's worked a steady job since I was 16, venturing off into a world of uncertainty was a scary thought for me.  The thought of not having a pay check every 2 weeks was terrifying to say the least especially now that we've moved from a condo into a new house (stay tuned for that post).

loveonsunday interior styling

I had a good job, working as a full-time graphic designer for a large Canadian brand but something kept tugging at me.  It started as a whisper which I ignored, and then it just got louder as each day passed.  Soon I felt like someone was throwing a brick at me screaming, "you're on the wrong path, stupid".  It would consume my thoughts morning and night.  I've always been very self-aware and observant of the things that happen in my life and it just so happened that opportunities would present themselves every time I was closer to making my decision.  Opportunities that I've always wanted and just couldn't pass up.  Oprah says, "there's no such thing as luck.  There's only preparation meeting the moment of opportunity".  I believe this 100%.  I wasn't ready a year ago but I worked hard, sacrificed and hustled…and now I'm exactly where I need to be.  Now is my moment of opportunity.

loveonsunday working as a freelance designer

After working over a decade on and off with freelance clients of my own, I knew I could sustain a somewhat steady income and be much happier because I would be able to create the life I've always wanted.  Working for a growing company can be rewarding but also challenging at the same time.  On the upside, you get to be part of something amazing that touches the lives of thousands.  On the downside, you may have to give up a lot of your own free time in order to meet the needs of the business.  I soon felt that I was giving up too much of my life, especially for something that I couldn't see myself doing for the long haul.  It just wasn't right for me anymore.  My heart and gut was telling me it's time to go.  The life I wanted included being my own type of creative person and still being able to enjoy my home, family and friends.

loveonsunday interior styling toronto

So here I am, writing on my couch on a Tuesday morning.  I'm a little under the weather, surrounded by a mound of kleenex and blankets but I wouldn't have it any other way.  There's something liberating, scary and exciting about creating something that is truly your own.  Only I can determine how much money I make and whether I get a raise at the end of the year.  I'm ecstatic and thankful that I have the opportunity to take this risk during this time in my life.  It's going to be a long and hard road ahead but I accept the challenge.  I'm now comfortable with being uncomfortable.  It also helps that I have the most supportive hubby in the world.  I wouldn't have been able to leave a steady full-time job if it weren't for his belief and trust in me and of course his steady income.  He's always been my #1 supporter which makes things a lot less scary and a lot more exciting :)

interior styling toronto

So things are going to look a little different around here.  I'm in the process of consolidating my portfolio and blog so some changes will have to be made to Love On Sunday.  Right now, my business will be focusing on interior styling and graphic design and I definitely want my site to reflect that.  I hope you'll stick around for what's to come!

loveonsunday freelance designer

Things To Do + a $100 Minted Giveaway!

minted giveaway, love on sunday January was a pretty busy month for me.  I'm talking de-cluttering, organizing and a never ending to-do list.  I also happen to be planning my wedding which by the way, is 6 months from now.  But in order to simplify things and to keep me sane, I have highlighted 2 main goals I hope to tackle in the next couple of weeks:

1.  Complete art wall   and   2.  Finalize wedding colours

For my art wall, I came across Minted's selection of art prints.  From abstract to black and white photographs, there's an endless selection of goodness.  They also support independent artists so I can get behind any company that does that!  Here are some of my favourite  prints:

minted art prints

1. Rooftops of Paris    2. Desert Diptych    3. Block Printed Arches    4. Deer Flirtation    5. Abstract Brights    6.  The Moderne

Next, my wedding colours.  I've hemmed and hawed about this decision for months now.  I've always gravitated towards soft colours and when I saw this gorgeous wedding shower on Minted's blog Julep, it pretty much sealed the deal.  I'm in love with the soft blush tones mixed in with tons of white and natural hues:

minted julep blog

minted wedding shower DIY

julep wedding showers

Just gorgeous!

And now for the fun part.  In order to enter the giveaway, all you need to do is complete 2 simple steps:

1. check out Minted's art prints and pick your favourite

2. leave a comment on this post, stating your favourite print

and that's it!  The winner will be announced on Monday, February 10th.  Just in time for Valentine's Day, so get on it people!  Good Luck!




Printable Tags For Your Homemade Gifts

free printable gift tags for christmas One of my favourite Christmas memories as a little girl was wrapping presents.  Our living room would be filled with gift wrap, boxes and little embellishments to make your presents extra special.  My Mom collected little ornaments and floral pieces to use as gift toppers and let me tell ya, this has really rubbed off on me.

And since my goal this Christmas is to make most of my presents, I thought why not create some homemade tags to go with them!  I scored an amazing stack of card stock at the Dollar Store for $2 and went to town.  I've created 2 versions and 2 sizes.  The first size (2.5") fits into most mason jar covers.  Just cut them out, pop them in and you're done!

Special thanks to my friend Monda who gave me this delicious jar of homemade apple butter to use in my photo.  I had to use some trickery for this photograph because that jar is pretty much done.  Homemade presents are the best aren't they?

gift tag printable

I've also created smaller tags (1.5" round) which can be used for other homemade gifts.

christmas gift tag printables

christmas gift tags, free printables

And it's yours to print for free!  Simply click on the link below to download the PDF file.  Enjoy!

A Little Goes A Long Way.

  The Makerista, note

I don't usually post on weekends but I received the sweetest little surprise on Friday.  A beautiful handwritten note from Gwen of The Makerista!  As mentioned here and here, I really love paper goods and I honestly don't remember the last time I received a hand written card in the mail.  So when I pulled the envelope from my mailbox, I couldn't help but get a little giddy when I saw my name so beautifully written on the front.

Gwen has no idea I'm posting this.  But I just had to because for me, a thoughtful note goes such a long way.  Especially in our crazy world of online everything - it was such a sweet and simple gesture that totally made my day and has also inspired me to make a little somethin' somethin' that you will see on the blog very soon!  Not to mention, I absolutely LOVE her lettering...

The Makerista, note

Gwen, if you're reading this thank you so much for the lovely handwritten note.  It means more than you know and it was a great start to my weekend!

If you missed Gwen's Thrifted Thursday feature, you can check it out here.  Or visit her blog for more inspiration and photos of her gorgeous home!

Pretty Paper Goods

Are you a sucker for pretty paper goods?  I know I am. So naturally, when my fiance suggested online invitations I froze (can you imagine my face?).  I get the ease of having everything online and yes, it's much cheaper.  But I love the feeling of holding a well designed card or invitation.  Perhaps it's because I know how much work goes into designing these pieces so I really can appreciate it.  I never throw out a good business card or invitation - in fact, I have a box full of them.

For my wedding, I will be designing my own invitations and I am on a very tight budget.  Which means no letterpress or gold foil (insert sad face).  But hey, I got my dream business cards so I can't complain.  In search of some inspiration, I stumbled upon a few pieces that stole my heart.   A great font combo, a nice heavy card stock and some bold patterns can really make my heart flutter so those are definitely some of my must-haves:

foodie wedding invitations

I'm leaning towards something a little more laid-back and fun - just how we want our wedding day to be!

What do you think?  Do you have any favourites?  Married ladies, do you still have your wedding invitations?   I'd love to know!

Sources:  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5



Letterpress Business Cards

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you may have got a sneak peek of my new business cards yesterday.  In all of my 7 years of working as a graphic designer, I was never able to convince my clients to go with letterpress.  It's an ancient printing technique but I think they are so classic and I LOVE the feel of debossed fonts on a thick piece of card stock.  Ahhh...a graphic designers dream I tell ya.  What can I say, I have a thing for fonts and pretty paper!  So with Blogpodium coming up as well as tea with Sarah, I decided to treat myself!

I'm a fan of minimal design but still wanted my card to stand out so I went with gold foil text and painted edges in gleaming pink.  I love how they add colour to my desk and they look so pretty tucked in my wallet.  I was originally going to go with black painted edges and I'm so glad I went the pink route.  They're so much more cheerful!

The lovely people at Cotton Paperie did a fantastic job in such a short timeframe.  I literally could not sleep last week because I was afraid the cards wouldn't ship on time or they would get held up at customs. Also, I'm pretty sure their entire staff knows me now since I called like, every day.  I'm NOT even exaggerating. Well, they pulled it off and I couldn't be happier!  The quality is fantastic and I highly recommend them.  If you want to see more of their work, you can check out their website here.  Check out the labels on their boxes too, so darn pretty:

So what do you think, folks?  Would you do letterpress? And who's going to #Blogpodium?  or tea with #SarahRichardson?  Are you ready?!

Have a great day everyone.  xo