Blog Brunch Toronto

blog brunch toronto This past Saturday I attended a Blog Brunch hosted by Melissa of The Sweet Escape.  I rarely pass up the opportunity to chat with some lovely lady bloggers especially when you get to indulge in something that looks like this:

brazen head brunch, brazen benedict

It's called the Brazen Benedict and it's absolutely delicious.  Probably not the healthiest item on the menu but so worth the extra calories!  Brazen Head is now one of my top breakfast destinations.  You must go!

The atmosphere was so cozy and inviting.  The large Christmas tree, warm fireplace and rustic decor helped us forget about the frigid temperatures outside.

brazen head toronto

brazen head toronto restaurant

And check out these pretty Christmas cards designed by Nicki from Life I Design.  She brought an assortment for us to choose from.  How sweet, right?  (and of course I picked the one with macarons on them!)

cards by Life I Design

blog brunch toronto

blog brunch toronto

Clockwise: Dani, Michelle, Melissa, Casey, Lindsey, Nicki is missing (took this photo), Alyssa, Me, Renee and Sara.

It was great to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones as well.  I'm always eager to pick the brains of other bloggers, hear their frustrations and share some of mine as well.  So thanks to Melissa for organizing such a great brunch and to all the ladies who attended.  It was informative and fun and such a great start to my weekend!

blog brunch toronto

via The Sweet Escape


Back to School and Weslodge

For over a year now I've been toying with the idea of going back to school part-time. I've always had some type of excuse like no money, no time, no energy. But no matter how many times I've tried to erase that idea from my mind, something kept pulling me back to the same bookmarked pages of course offerings. So a couple of months ago I decided to just go for it! I figure if you really want to do something (and by something I mean Interior Decorating), you have to go after it and let nothing stand in your way. I don't have children yet so what better time than now. I must say it was a little intimidating going back to school in your early *cough* thirties but I'm up for the challenge and cannot wait to learn my A$$ off!

On another note, have any of you been to Weslodge on King West? I checked it out last weekend and absolutely loved the decor.

via Weslodge

I was greeted by the cool sign out front and that huge yellow door. Loved it. I walked in and was pleasantly surprised. It was totally unexpected, decorated like a modern saloon complete with taxidermy on the walls, old portraits and the staff were even wearing leather holsters.

via Weslodge

I loved the antique pendants overlooking the bar area...

via Weslodge

But the floor, oh the floor. That's what got me. It was gorgeous. I just love the spanish tile in black and white. I would LOVE to do a kitchen using a similar tile.

Sorry for the dark photos but you can still see how pretty that floor looks. So in love. Unfortunately, the food and the service didn't impress me as much as the decor did but I will say they have a delicious burger - I had a couple of bites! Have you been to any restaurants where the decor inspired you?

Happy Weekend All! xoxo

My First Turkey

I did it!

I know what you're thinking. A post about TURKEY? I just wanted to share my excitement and pure joy with all of you.

I asked over a dozen people about how to cook the perfect turkey. Everyone has their own special method so I was still unsure up to the last minute. Some people said baste the turkey every hour, others said make a foil tent. I made a last minute decision to go with my Aunt's tried-and-true turkey recipe since I've indulged in her turkey many times and it was always so moist and delicious. Another big reason why I decided to go with her method was because it was a 'set it and forget it' type deal. No basting, just pop it and hope for the best. I wanted to sleep on Christmas Eve, for at least 5 I thought, perfect! Funny story though - I had about 2 hours of sleep on Christmas eve because I put the turkey in at 2am and had other dishes to cook such as a macaroni casserole, stuffing, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. I was on a mission. A mission to deliver an amazing turkey dinner with all the fixins for my family lunch potluck. I wish had taken more photos of all the dishes I made but sadly, I was exhausted and half delirious once I completed them all. It was alot of fun and I learned how to make a delicious turkey. My family loved it. Mission Accomplished!