Furniture Friday - Another Louis Update

via Lonny

It's pictures like this that keep me going. My quest to re-upholster these beautiful Louis chairs has been very slow to say the least. But I'm happy to say that I started stripping the second chair but still need to:

  • remove a ton of staples (thank God I have the right tools)
  • sand
  • fill cracks then sand again
  • strip the remaining paint
  • start on the cushion

I'm hoping to get most of this done on the weekend as well as purchase my fabric! Now that the weather is warmer, I'm able to take my work outside on the balcony where there's a lot more space to work...

I wish I had taken a photo of all the staples I removed since that is the part that requires the most patience and effort. Insane but kind of a stress reliever. I can't wait to get the fabric on and get these chairs done (did I mention I have 2 more? Yup, I have FOUR). The BF will be helping out with the other 2 so I'm hoping that will speed up the process a little bit. Wish us luck! My next update will be the reveal, I promise!

Have a great long weekend all! xoxo

Fave Furniture Friday with Tiffany Leigh Interior Design

Happy Friday! Today I am so thrilled to be part of Tiffany's Fave Furniture Friday. Not only is she a talented Interior Design major, she's also an amazing artist. So be sure to check out her blog and read my guest post here.

Lately I've been on a mission to try and help my parents update their home. They have bold red couches which originally killed me but now I'm thinking, this can work. I'm loving the navy and red combo. I think the colours are classic enough to take you from season to season, especially when you mix in some neutral colours like white and gold. You could even throw in a touch of teal to brighten it up in the Spring and Summer.

What are your thoughts on this colour combo?

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Furniture Friday - Banquette Update

Happy Friday! Today I am so excited to share a sneak peak of my parents updated dining area. It's coming along quite nicely. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, my parents (well, my Dad) is a serious DIYer and their current project is to:
Update the kitchen with a modern look and create additional storage and seating with a custom banquette.

You can see our inspiration photos here and learn a little more about the project here.

Below are some really gross before shots of their kitchen. As you can see, there's a TON of wood. In all colours. The cabinet in the far right corner is going, tables and chairs are posted on Kijiji and saying bye-bye to that hideous desk as well. It looks so out of place, a fresh coat of paint and some new drawer handles would liven that thing up a bit. Anywho, it doesn't belong in the kitchen so nice knowin' ya orange desk.

And here are the 'in progress' photos. Doesn't it look 100 times better already? I think the crisp white banquette adds a breathe of fresh air and the simple fabric and grey wall look so much more modern and relaxing. I can't wait to show you the new table and chairs, a new lighting fixture and also how we're going to introduce some colour. Watch out for the final reveal coming soon!

I'd love to hear what you guys think so far. What kind of table and lighting fixture do you think would go well in this area?

Have a great weekend everyone! xo

Furniture Friday - Frank Lloyd Wright

Last summer I visited Chi-town for the first time. During my stay there, I was fortunate enough to visit the home and studio of the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. His home and studio is located in the Oak Park area and is now a National Historic Landmark.

Let me tell you, I was so excited for this part of our trip. I love to see how people live and use the spaces in their home, so to be able to sneak a peak at how Wright lived and worked was so amazing! Though he is most known for developing the 'Prairie Style'of architecture, Wright also designed stained glass windows, ceramics, textiles and furniture. Below are a few shots I took during the tour:

Much different than today's open concept living areas, Wright created dividers in different rooms. He loved the Japanese style of architecture and that is definitely evident in his designs. Also alot of tufting going on which I love...

There was alot of wood all over the house, oak built-ins and oak furniture designed by Wright. Notice the high-back chairs at his dining table? Our tour guide mentioned that he liked to create intimate enclosures or a room within a room.

This is where all the magic happened I guess?. I mean the below photo and not the above! I have no words to describe his office. He had several drafting tables and check out the ceiling below...

Have you ever been to any of Wright's homes? I'd also love to check out Fallingwater in Pennsylvania. That's definitely on my bucket list. Who's in?

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Furniture Friday - Louis & A Great Find

Happy Friday All!

Today's post is a quick update on my Louis (if you still haven't seen or heard about him, you can read the string of posts here. I also want to showcase a great find that my Mamarazzi and I stumbled upon last weekend. Unbeknownst to her, I would like to do a quick poll to see what colours you think this pretty baby should be painted. So let's get started!

First off, the process of upholstering my Louis has become much more time consuming than I imagined but I have to say that I'm learning a ton of new things that will definitely help me in the future. I've gained knowledge on suitable fabrics for upholstery, tightening springs, stripping and refinishing and much more.

Once Louis was completely stripped of any staples and guck, I took him home for some love and applied a white wash stain to the wood frame. After that, I started off by tightening the springs with twine and winding them around tacks which are then hammered around the edges of the chair. I'm terrible with a hammer.

This burlap material is called webbing. It must be stretched tightly over the springs and not hang beyond the chair frame. It goes over top the springs to provide extra support.

It should look something like this. You'll see my weave is off, it should be over-under. That will be fixed on Monday.

And there he is! Looking great so far, if I may say so myself.

Next, my Mom and I stumbled upon this beautiful dresser which would look great as a media console for her TV wall. It's a little scratched but nothing a fresh coat of paint can't fix. It also has tons of storage which is great to store linens, mail and other fun stuff.

This is a terrible 'before' shot. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo before they moved it out. You can see this buffet table is much smaller. I'm not even sure what to call it, a cabinet maybe? Anyway, it was getting lost in that wall and Mamarazzi really wanted something larger with alot more character.

So here it is in her living room au naturel. Below you will find my photoshopped images of different colours. I'd love to get a poll going here. Which colour do you prefer? (please keep in mind her couch and loveseat is red).

Au naturel:




Please leave a comment and let me know your preference! Thanks everyone and have a great weekend :)

Furniture Friday - The One I Left Behind

When it comes to shopping, I'm a different person than I was 5 years ago. The old me wouldn't think twice about buying something that caught my eye. But now that I have a mortgage and a much improved savings plan, I've become responsible, smart and careful with my money. Sometimes when I'm contemplating a big purchase, I like to leave it for a couple of hours or even a day or so if possible. I always say that the things you buy for your home should serve a purpose. It has to be functional or beautiful in your eyes; something that makes you happy. If you don't need it or love it then leave it behind. Never impulse buy or purchase something just because it's cheap - that will only leave you with a home that belongs on hoarders and a sad looking bank account.

So in the spirit of Furniture Friday I present to you the one I left behind. This beautiful bar cart that I saw at the Milton Antique Expo:

For some reason, I was being mucho cheapo that day, and didn't want to spend alot of money. It was $49; not bad at all. I knew I wanted something like this and to be honest I wasn't completely in love with it. I wasn't crazy about the etched flowers in the glass. It was almost perfect. I did remember it days later and still think about it every time I open my kitchen cabinet filled with our ever expanding bottles of liquor and shtuff. Oh well, I guess it wasn't meant to be. I'm sure a better solution will present itself soon enough. In the meantime, how about some inspiration photos?

Perhaps this will be my next thrift store find? If you're shopping this weekend, try my trick. Really think about every purchase you are about to make. Do you love it? Do you really need it? You may be pleasantly surprised at how much money you save.

Happy Friday Folks!

Furniture Friday: Mamarazzi and her side tables

When it comes to Mamarazzi* and I, that saying holds true; the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. This week she sent me more than 10 photo messages while at the thrift store. Fabric, tables, furniture- you name it. If you left us in a store together, don't expect a short stop. You better bring some food and expect to nap in the car if you don't bring your A-Game. Never rush 2 women on a mission.

Being newly retired leaves Mamarazzi with ample time to clean, organize, re-decorate and what? BUILD A BANQUETTE. Well technically, my Dad is building the banquette and Mamarazzi's supervising. With a little help from me of course. But more on the banquette in another post.

One of the many things I love about Mamarazzi is her hunting abilities and her luck in finding great gems. Especially at thrift stores since she knows I'm always on a budget. I told her I was looking for a cute plant stand as well as a side table and she sends me this:

It's like she read my mind or something. I knew I wanted a stand with some kind of ornate detailing but still clean looking. Most of the pieces in my living room are pretty streamlined with the exception of an antique chandelier so I knew this would be perfect. And even was only $25. SCORE!

And then a couple days later, she stumbles upon these:

(I apologize for the terrible photo quality). She picked up these 2 for $40 total. Would've liked to spend less but hey, can't complain. I'm thinking of painting the legs black or maybe a colour like emerald or navy? Thoughts?

Big thanks to Mamarazzi for all her help! xoxo

*Mamarazzi /mɑːməˈrɑːtsi/:
A combination of Mama and Paparazzi. A loving nickname we created for my mother 4 years ago. She is always armed with her camera and never misses a photo op. Mamarazzi may invade your personal space now and again but she is oblivious to that so just smile in her direction. Some family members have even described her camera as a weapon.

A Snowy Furniture Friday

Happy Friday All! Or I should say happy snow day to all the lucky people who stayed home today. Fortunately for me, I live 10 minutes away from my office. I literally have to cross 2 stop lights and I'm at work. But sadly, this also means I went to work today. I braved the storm this morning and rewarded myself with a hot chocolate and cranberry scone (you will notice soon enough that I like to reward myself with food and I use ANY excuse to eat something delicious yet terrible. But this is also why I workout so hard and torture my body. Everything in moderation my friends).

Anyway, getting back to the topic at hand...because it's FURNITURE FRIDAY! and since I'm always hunting for sweet deals and fab finds, I bring you a bevy of beauties all within the budget of $200 or less.

I came across this wonderful consignment shop called The Singing Lady. To my delight she is open on Sundays so I'm definitely scoping out her store this weekend. I will have some photos and a full review on my blog soon. Anywho, here's a few gems I found just by browsing on her website:

Not sure why I love this so much but I do. I can't stop looking at it. It would be cool to use it as a little foyer table (like photo below this, or even as a little bar table where you can display pretty glasses for your alcoholic beverages...

via House Beautiful

Check out this cute bamboo stool. It would look super cute painted black or white with some bold fabric like the image below...

via Mua Darling

This simple glass and chrome table would add some glam beside a sofa or even as a nightstand...

via Kaleidoscope

And this wood buffet table is calling my name. I can picture this painted white like the photo below or even a matte navy blue. I love the hardware as well... via

Well that's it for today. I hope everyone is warm and cozy at home. Please stay off the roads if possible and have a wonderful weekend!

Furniture Friday - Craigslist Finds

Happy Friday y'all! Today's Furniture Friday is all about Craigslist. As you know, I'm a big fan of thrifting, second hand and vintage furniture so Craigslist and Kijiji are my BFF's. If you aren't already addicted, I suggest you take a gander at what surprising treasures you may find. I always seem to stumble upon a piece of furniture that I would like to buy because it has so much potential. Sometimes all it needs is a fresh coat of paint, some new upholstery or different knobs to update the look. Of course I don't give into these urges to rescue these unwanted items because:

  1. I don't need them (yet. hehe)
  2. I don't have space to store them because I live in a 900 sq. ft. condo (I know, what a troubled life I have) and
  3. I do not want to be on the next episode of Hoarders

So, today I share with you some of my recent finds. Items that I love but cannot rescue:

Check out this chair. I don't even hate the upholstery. You could update the look by putting a bold fabric and/or by staining the wood white, black or even a bright colour.

This would be super easy to update. I would love to paint the chair white or black and replace the upholstery with a bold geometric pattern.

Wouldn't this be super cute in a kids room? Just add a nice soft cushion and hang in the corner of the room.

I love this antique dresser from the 20's. I would apply a slightly darker stain to enhance the wood grain and replace the knobs; some antique ornate ones in brass or bronze or even some clear ones would be my kinda thing.

So those are my finds. I usually restrict my budget to under $50 but I couldn't resist showing that cool hanging chair and dresser.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!

Happy Friday!

I just wanted to send a big thank you to all my family and friends that have been supporting me from day one and continue to encourage me to keep doin' what I'm doin'. All the comments and sweet emails really do mean alot to me. Also, welcome to all my new subscribers, thank you for signing up!

I'm not exactly sure where this blog will take me, but what I do know is that it makes me very happy to be creative in my own way, and be able to share it with you all.

And, since today is technically supposed to be Furniture Friday, I'm throwing in a couple of photos from my last upholstery class. I promised I would show some other chairs in my class so here they are. Warning: these photos are NOT pretty.

One couple brought in a set of beautiful french chairs...

Doesn't this look scary?

This one had a beautiful tufted back. It looked similar to a Bergere chair but there was no exposed wood frame nor was there a loose cushion on the seat.

The sweet lady working beside me brought in a family heirloom. I think this would look so lovely with a tufted cushion in a bold or neutral fabric.

And of course, my little Louie. The amount of staples on this chair is INSANE. Starting class 3 on Monday and I'm still removing staples.

Almost there! (I hope!)

And that's all folks. I hope everyone has a fun, relaxing and safe weekend!