Win A Klein Sofa From Leon's Furniture!

I happen to love the start of a new week, it always gives me a sense of renewal and excitement. And today is even more special because I’ve partnered with Leon's Furniture for this amazing Instagram contest. Starting today, you can enter to win your very own sofa from the Klein Collection – it's seriously so easy to enter, so don't miss out on this one!

You may have seen these sneak peeks on my Instagram feed:


I had the pleasure of styling my very own set with the GREY Klein Sofa and here's how it turned out. I happen to LOVE this colour. It's a timeless, neutral hue that goes beautifully with other muted colours or even bold colours and pattern. 


And guess what, there are 3 other colours to choose from! Simply visit my instagram post HERE to see the rest of the colours available, pick your favourite and to enter the contest! Good luck everyone! XO

Bookcase Makeover On A Budget

bookcase makeover Do you ever buy a piece of furniture for your home, stare at it every day and then wonder, "why did I do that?".  Well, I did this for months after I brought this beat up bookcase into my home.  What I loved about it was: the size (it fits perfectly in my small hallway), the shelves which provide additional storage and the clean lines of the piece.  But no matter how I styled it, it just wasn't working for me:

bookcase makeover, loveonsunday

Not sure why it took me so long to paint it.  I guess I couldn't settle on a colour I could live very Libra of me.  It takes me forever to make a decision!

After a quick trip to Home Depot I realized the only colours I wished to use were in the wall paint section. I took the leap and bought 2 samples of Behr Marquee in Frosted Silver.  The best part: total cost was $8! (sample cans!)

The result was incredible. Not only did it cover the bookcase evenly, the paint was flawless after it settled with barely any prep. And I have to add, this is not a sponsored post, I am simply a fan of the product because it worked so well!

bookcase makeover, loveonsunday

The bookcase has a laminate top and brown legs which we left unpainted.  I love how the lighter colour takes up less visual space and complements the items so nicely.

Have you worked on any Spring project or DIY's lately?


West Elm and Chatelaine Holiday Shopping Event

west elm and chatelaine event 2 of my favourites under one roof plus food, shopping and great company?  Yes please.  West Elm is pretty much my go-to for home decor and Chatelaine...well, I don't think I need to elaborate on that one.  Last night I got to mingle with other bloggers as well as chat with some of the editors from Chatelaine magazine.  Fun times!

Each editor shared their must-haves for the holiday season and my favourite was Emma's fireplace scene.  I'm loving all the natural textures and pieces she chose for this look.

west elm and chatelaine event

west elm and chatelaine event

west elm and chatelaine event

west elm and chatelaine event

west elm and chatelaine event

west elm and chatelaine event

west elm and chatelaine event

west elm and chatelaine event

I left with a few things such as a scented candle (my must-have for the holidays!), a throw blanket and this cute little tea towel which I think I may have to frame in my kitchen.  Just a little reminder for the dishwasher in the house ;)

The Bobby Berk Home Collection

Bobby Berk HomePhoto credit: Who Do You Love Photography I loooove mid-century modern furniture.  So I was super stoked to attend the Bobby Berk Home Canadian launch a couple of weeks ago at Urban Mode.

Bobby Berk Home furniture

I had a chance to chat with Bobby who is by the way, so cool and such an inspiration to me.  He's an entrepreneur, guest personality on HGTV and now the designer of his own furniture line.  And, he's only 31.  AH-mazing.

Bobby Berk

I definitely felt a sense of nostalgia as he spoke about his inspirations.  He gives credit to his parents and grandmother, who have heavily influenced his aesthetic.  It was so interesting to hear about his thoughts behind each piece and how they reminded him of his childhood.  In fact, all pieces in his line are named after shows and characters from the 70’s.  Awesome, right?

This sofa here is one of his most popular pieces, The Charlie.  And if you don't know which 70's sitcom had a Charlie in it, then I am sorry we cannot be friends.

bobby berk home, charlie sofa

Bobby Berk Home, Charlie sofa

I love the sleek lines of each piece and the bright colours are so fresh and cheerful.  A great focal point for the living room!  Each piece is also scaled smaller to accommodate for small space living.  I'm down with that.  My condo is tiny and we're actually thinking of replacing our sofa.  Hrmmm.....

Bobby Berk Home, colours

I also learned that each piece of furniture is handmade and that one person touches it from start to finish.  And after taking an in-depth upholstery course, I have more appreciation for furniture that is handcrafted and also a  better sense of what kind of work goes into making a piece of furniture last.  The quality is just on another level and I like the fact that BBH is focusing on that.  “I want to compete with China and bring the manufacturing back to America.  I want to make good quality American furniture”

Bobby Berk Home Presentation

bobby berk home at Urban Mode

And here is my favourite piece from the collection.  These gorgeous and comfortable Mork and Mindy cubes!  Aren't they fun?   As some people say, animal print is a neutral and I couldn't agree more.  These are delicious.

Bobby Berk Home, Mork and Mindy cubes

Overall, I had a great time at the event.  It was awesome meeting Bobby as well as the lovely ladies over at Urban Mode who were so welcoming and just great to talk to.  I even got introduced to some new blogger friends that night.  Love all around.

And speaking of love, this pendant stole my heart right away:

chandelier at Urban Mode

Me likey.  If you guys want to check out more of Bobby's furniture or drool over other pieces currently available at Urban Mode, you can visit their site here.

Urban Mode

Thrifted Thursday: A $12 Bar Table

thrifted thursday, loveonsunday What are you thinking about this before photo?  I wouldn't really consider taking something like this home but my Mom was convinced she could use it and sought my opinion.  Maybe a media unit?  A little linen closet?  My idea was to take off the doors and drawer, strip the wood bare and add some legs to turn it into a rustic console table.

diy bar table

Well this is what came of it.  Not bad, right?

diy bar table

It was painted black since many of the pieces in her home were brown and not only would it modernize the piece, it would also complement the black and white chairs used in her eating area.

diy bar cart

My Dad is a welder and he found 2 scrap pieces of aluminum, welded it to a plate and attached the legs to the bottom.  I'm lucky to have such a handy Dad.  He really does make everything look so easy!

diy bar table

And check out all the storage.  Now my Mom has the perfect place to store her wine, extra utensils and glasses.  It's also the perfect spot to display her favourite thrifted tea set and platters.

diy bar table

diy bar table

diy bar table

I'm really impressed with how this turned out.  I'm always amazed at how little changes can totally update a piece.  Are you working on any pieces in your home?

My West Elm Faves

It's not often that I post about one specific brand on here, but if you follow me on Instragram you probably notice that I have a love for West Elm.  I love their brand and products, as well as their support for collaboration and independent artists.  In fact, if you haven't read about the recent kerfuffle with Cody Foster Inc.  I suggest you read it here.  Kudos to West Elm for nipping that in the bud right away.  It's so refreshing to see a company with so much integrity. West Elm has also introduced a slew of new products and I love their take on mid-century modern pieces.  I've pulled together a few of my favourites:

west elm favourites, mid-century modern

Are you a West Elm fan?  Do you have any favourites from the above?

Shopping List/Sources:

1.  Mid-century Buffet / 2. Felt Square Pillow Cover / 3. Dot Inlay Side Table / 4. Corlandt Dining Table / 5. Geo Metal Cage Shade / 6. Marble Oval Coffee Table / 7. Minted For West Elm - Mineral / 8. Rustic Storage Console - Cafe

*this is not a sponsored post.  I am just a brand-loyal, die-hard fan.*

Thrifted Thursday: My Louis Chair Makeover

louis chair makeover Happy Thursday everyone!  I can't believe I FINALLY get to share this with you all, it's been a long time coming!

My favourite thrifted item:

Do I even  have to say it?  haha. It all started when I saw these gorgeous french chairs from Restoration Hardware.  But $250.00 PER chair was definitely not within my budget (since I needed 3) so I decided to hold off and see if I could find some at a thrift store.

Where I bought the piece:

My boss found some Louis chairs at a Consignment Shop called Chicaboom. That same week I rushed over and picked up the chairs. They worked out to $50 per chair and I got not 3 but 4 of them!  The grand total for 4 chairs worked out to less than 1 chair at Restoration Hardware. Booyah!  But they looked something like THIS:

louis chair makeover, before photo

What drew me to the piece:

What I really love about the louis chair is it's versatility. It goes with every decor style and it's such a classic shape. I love the fluted legs, carved detail and round back.  I also wasn't happy with my Ikea parson chairs because the backs were so high.  The height of the Louis backs were just perfect.  Also, because our dining table is rectangular with white glass and chrome legs, I wanted to introduce more of an organic shape and the Louis chairs create a nice contrast against the hard edges of our modern table. I also wanted to infuse some old world charm, something with a little more character since the space was looking a little bland. Here is what it looked like before:

dining area makeover, before photo

The hard part:

This became a huge labour of love that definitely took much longer than I thought it would.  I even took an upholstery class in January to help me learn the basics. I stripped, ripped, removed staples (which was the worst part), hammered, spray painted and so much more. Instead of boring you guys with a long and wordy explanation, I decided to put together a little collage in chronological order of all the work (a.k.a. blood, sweat, tears and A LOT of cursing) that went into this project:

louis chair makeover progress

And with the help of some incredible people like David (shown above removing staples and spray painting), my girlfriends Mom (who sewed the piping for me. Thanks Mrs. Pham), as well as my amazing parents who helped SO much (Dad smiling above) we were able to restore my 4 Louis chairs!

How I use it:

I have 3 Louis chairs on one side of my dining table and a rustic wooden bench on the other. They are so lightweight and can be moved around the condo easily should we need extra seating when friends are over.  As you can see, I opted for a grey fabric which is extremely durable (I chose to forget about the velvet since any little spill would freak me out) and I love throwing my colourful pillows on them!  For my home, I prefer to go with neutral colours on my major furniture pieces and introduce more colour and pattern with accessories and art.

And here are the After photos:

louis chair makeover, before and after

louis chair makeover

Louis chair makeover

louis chair makeover

Louis chair makeover

louis chair makeover


louis chair makeover

louis chair makeover

We're still planning on changing a few things in the dining area but we're so happy to finally have our Louis chairs finished and ready to use.  It was definitely a valuable learning experience for me as well as my parents who also love to re-upholster furniture.  Would I do it again?  Hell no.  I say that now but I have 2 other chairs waiting in line!

I actually have about 12 posts documenting my entire process.  It's not very pretty but if you want to see more, you can click this link:  Project Louis.

Do you also have love for the Louis chair?  Or had a really hard time with one of your upholstery projects?  I'd love to know!


Thrifted Thursday with Julie of Elliven Studio

Elliven Studio, Thrifted Thursday Happy Thrifted Thursday!  I'm so happy to have Julie of Elliven Studio here today.  As soon as I laid my eyes on her home tour I knew I had to feature her favourite thrifted find.  Her home is the perfect combination of old and new and you all know how much I love a good mashup.  So here it is:

Favourite Thrifted Item:

To be honest, it was a toss up between our dining room set (six chairs, table, hutch & sideboard) and a gorgeous white console that has amazing carving and a layer of gold leafing that is peeking through where the white paint is chipping off (I know, so amazing, right?!).  But because the dining room was such a wonderful find and the price was out of this world, I'm going with it.

Where You Bought The Piece:

I found the set on kijiji.  It was being sold by a vendor at an Antique Market in Kingston.

Elliven Studio, Thrifted Thursday

What drew you to the piece:

We have a good size dining room, so we really wanted to fill the space and take advantage of the fact that we could easily fit a large table.  A table the size we were looking for would have been pretty expensive new and I wasn't having any luck finding a vintage table that was larger than 70"-80".  This one is 98" with all three leaves in, so the minute I saw that, I had to go and see it in person.  I loved that the listing was for an entire set too, not easy to come by. Then there was the price, would you believe we got all of the pieces for $650?!

Elliven Studio, Thrifted Thursday

Describe any work you did to give it a new life:

We were pretty lucky in that we didn't have to do anything to fix any of the pieces up immediately.  One thing that is on my to do list is sourcing new hardware.  I am not a fan of the existing hardware and I'm now down to only one functioning pull on the upper drawer of the sideboard (which extends the entire width of the piece).  We will eventually have to re-stain the entire set, but that can definitely wait a few years.

Elliven Studio, Thrifted Thursday

How Do You Use It:

Right now, the hutch is used to display my favourite white ceramics and our silverware, the sideboard currently showcases some crystal that we inherited from hubs Grandmother and I also use it to store our holiday decor and some other odds and ends. I'm trying to find a set of lamps to place on the sideboard as well.  We usually eat in the dining room for holidays or when we have guests over for dinner.  We have moved the chairs that came with the set into the kitchen, I love the way that they look with our harvest table, so now I'm on the hunt for the perfect chairs.

Elliven Studio, Thrifted Thursday

Elliven Studio, Thrifted Thursday

What a classic and timeless piece.  Love how she decided to mix it up with some white parson chairs.

Thanks so much for sharing with us Julie!  If you haven't already seen this beautiful lady's home, you can fall in love with her home tour just like I did here.

Thrifted Thursday, Love On Sunday

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Thrifted Thursday with Sabrina of The Pink Little Notebook

Thrifted Thursday, The Little Pink Notebook I am so happy to feature one of my newest blogger friends, Sabrina from The Pink Little Notebook.   We actually met at Blogpodium last Saturday and it was great to chat and get to know one another in person!

Your favourite thrifted item:

One of my favourite and most memorable thrift item has to be my bamboo side tables.

Where you bought/got the piece from:

I found this piece during my first visit to a thrift store. I wasn't too sure what to expect but I instantly spotted & fell in love with this piece. I can definitely say from that very moment I knew I found a new passion. I'm now a frequent thrift store visitor!

Thrifted Thursday, The Pink Little Notebook

What drew you to the piece:

1-it is a sturdy piece of furniture that will probably last me forever; 2-I couldn’t resist the curvy geometric pattern; and 3-the price! At $10 a piece, I had nothing to lose!

Thrifted Thursday, The Pink Little Notebook

Describe any work you did to give it new life:

It was a fairly simple process since the piece was still in good condition. A light sanding and a coat of primer was applied to prep my surfaces. I opted for a neutral colour and spray painted the entire thing (two coats to be exact). I finished it off by hand painting some of the geometric pattern in white paint and added some rope accent to finish of the piece.

Thrifted Thursday, The Pink Little Notebook

how you use/display it:

Today the piece sits proudly in my family room as a side table. What I love about this piece is that it is also sturdy enough to use as a stool when I need the extra seating. It was definitely an awesome find!

Thrifted Thursday, The Pink Little Notebook

Thrifted Thursday, The Pink Little Notebook

What an amazing find for $10!  I love how the rope adds a little somethin' somethin'.  It definitely adds more interest and texture to the piece!

I have to admit, I scoped out her blog before the conference and I was instantly hooked when I saw her cooler and home office update.  So head on over to Sabrina's blog and give her some love!

Thanks so much for taking part in Thrifted Thursday, Sabrina.  It was great to meet you and we should definitely get together soon :)

Thrifted Thursday, Love On Sunday

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Thrifted Thursday with Gwen of The Makerista

thrifted thursday, the makerista I'm so excited to have Gwen from The Makerista here today. I found her blog several months ago and I've been hooked ever since. She is one talented lady and I'm sure you will agree!

your favourite thrifted item

My Dining Room Set

thrifted thursday, the makerista

where you bought the piece from

I got the table and 6 chairs off of Craigslist.  The man I bought the table from cleared out estate sales after they were over.  It still had the sticker from the sale on it for $900, but I got it for $100.  It seemed like too good of a deal to pass up!

what drew you to the piece

Prior to this we had a rather large, counter height, square table.  It was nice that our black lab couldn't get to anything on it, but it was difficult to do projects at (I like to letter, and the height was awkward for that) and too high for our son to sit at.  It was also really contemporary which is not really my style.  I was drawn to the pedestal base, classic details of this piece and the color of the stain.  Not having to paint or strip and re-stain is always a bonus in my books!

thrifted thursday, the makerista

describe any work you did to give it new life

The wood was in pretty good shape, I just used some Restor-A-Finish to give it a good drink and fill in any small scratches.  The upholstery was also in good shape, but not what I was looking for - a vertical stripe of blues and golds.  I thought that the chair fabric needed to be something fresh and a contrast to the style of the chairs, so I went with a black and white striped outdoor fabric and upholstered it on the horizontal to further modernize it.

thrifted thursday, the makerista

how you use/display it

We use it every day, and it really works well for us!  We keep the table as a round with 4 chairs and keep two in front of the fireplace.  It's nice to have a leaf and the extra seating if we need it, but I like the space a small table gives our dining area.  The back door is used often and the smaller table makes it easy to get to.  Sometimes people put drinks or hot things on the top that leave a ring, but a little mayonaisse or Restor-A-Finish has taken care of them.  I figure for $100, if I have to refinish the top at some point or I decide to splurge on something different, I certainly got my money's worth.

thrifted thursday, the makerista

the makerista

I'm always amazed at what people find for crazy prices. $100? Yes, please. The dining set looks beautiful in her space and that fabric is perfection, just the right touch to modernize it!

Thanks so much for sharing today, Gwen! If you haven't already checked out this talented lady's blog, make sure you do. Today is actually her wedding anniversary and she's sharing loads of beautiful details from her wedding (perfect inspiration for me). So head on over and leave her some love!

Thrifted Thursday, Love On Sunday

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