Fall Fashion - My Wishlist

I used to love shopping.  When I was in my mid-20's, I actually went into debt because I was an impulse shopper and a fast fashion addict.  Finding cute clothes for a bargain was thrilling; with no regard as to how my purchases affected my bank account, other people and the environment. I commended myself for saving money with a $5 t-shirt that I discarded after a month.


Back in June, I watched a film called True Cost.  A documentary on the fashion industry and how it affects people and the planet.  This was a huge eye-opener for me.  Since then, I can count on one hand how many clothing purchases I've made.  Every time I feel the urge to buy something, I ask myself, "do you really need this?".  I try to make a conscious effort to find out where the item is made and how it's made. Now more than ever, I'm trying to buy local, handmade, second-hand, or fair trade products.  This is definitely a lifestyle change for me and to be honest, I'm wondering if it's even feasible to implement for all my purchases.  I'm taking small steps but at least they are steps in the right direction; closer to the life I want to live and the person I hope to be.  I want to buy with a purpose, opt for items that are better quality and don't harm people or the environment.  After all, in the grand scheme of things, we are all connected somehow and I can't bear the thought of wearing something that I know someone else suffered for – no matter how cheap it is.


via Sarah Lazarovic


So I've scoured the web and gathered some of the top items on my wish list.  As you know, buying local, handmade or fair trade can be a lot more expensive but when you buy less, you can save for the items that do good and make you feel good too.


What's on your Fall wishlist?  Better yet, do you have any favourite sources for the conscious shopper?  I'd love to know!


tote bag / collar necklace / shawl / leather crossbody / leather Tom's

Spun Studio - Spun Goods 2014

spun studio, my daily randomness As a blogger, I get to take part in some pretty cool projects and events but my collaboration with Spun Studio has been one of the most rewarding experiences thus far.  On June 10, Spun Studio hosted their first-ever Spun Goods event and as part of the design team, I had the opportunity to create a product of my choice and have it made by the talented women at the studio.  All of our products were original, handmade and up for silent auction at the event.

And just a little background on Spun Studio:  it's a social enterprise of Sistering, a drop-in centre that supports women in extraordinary circumstances.  Some of these women are homeless, suffer from mental issues or cannot find employment to support their families.  The studio offers these women a sense of community and also teaches them new skills like how to weave and sew.  All the women at the studio were instrumental in bringing our designs to life.  None of this would have been possible without all of their hard work.  All the profit from the event went directly back to the women at the studio.spun goods design team 2014

The design team consisted of myself, Brittany Stager of My Daily Randomness, Renee Elliot of Re:Creative, Jennifer Flores of Rambling Renovators and Robin Grant and Shannon Fizpatrick of Hoopla Events.  What an honour to be in such great company!

spun studio 2014 design team

For my project, I decided to design some throw pillows because well, I'm pretty much obsessed with them.  I have way too many on my couch but hey, too many throw pillows never hurt anyone.  My excuse is back and neck support...I need lots of it.

spun studio, love on sunday, pillows

(photo by: Brittany Stager, My Daily Randomness)

I love black and white so I knew my design was definitely going to reflect that.  I decided to go with a textural, herringbone design for one and another was black linen fabric with white stitching.  And yes, each of those stitches were done by hand!   A big thanks to Tonic Living for donating their black linen fabric for my pillows.

spun studio love on sunday

Brittany designed a beautiful set of tea towels made of linen.  And I'm telling you - they are fantastic.  I have many store bought tea towels that repel water instead of absorbing it.  Apparently linen is the way to go for tea towels.  Who knew?!

spun goods, brittany, my daily randomness

(photo by: Brittany Stager, My Daily Randomness)

Renee designed these cute clutches that were made of vegetable dyed canvas and leather.  She dyed the fabric herself and the leather was generously donated by Brave.  So cool and so very Renee.

spun studio, recreative works

Jennifer's rugs were gorgeous.  Scandinavian-inspired, black and white goodness...that's my kind of rug.  My pillows and her rug should totally go on a date.  They would be so happy together.

spun goods, rambling renovators

Shannon and Robin decided to create a wall hanging.  I just love all the colours and textures going on here.  Isn't it lovely?

spun studio, we create hoopla

It was great to see everyone's finished product and interesting that each piece was so reflective of our different styles.

And of course, no event would be complete without some delicious food and wine:

spun goods event, food and wine

(photo by: Brittany Stager, My Daily Randomness)

The Pinot Grigio from Santa Margherita was a perfect match for the delicious hors d'oeuvres that were being served.  Santa Margherita is a sustainable organization that supports Canadian environmental projects year round.  Also, their Pinot is Carbonzero Certified which means the greenhouse gases created while producing the wine have been removed and/or offset by environmental initiatives.  So not only does their wine taste great, they are also finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint.  I love that.

spun goods event sponsors

(photo by: Brittany Stager, My Daily Randomness)

A big thanks to everyone who came out to support the event and purchased our products.  I'm happy to say that all the product was sold.  Every single one!  That means all the women at the studio were able to get paid for their hard work so THANK YOU.  Also, a big thanks to Lindsey who spearheaded this entire project and organized the event.  Thank you for letting me be part of the design team!

I promise you'll hear a lot more about Spun Studio in the next coming months.  And if you see anything that tickles your fancy above, please don't be shy to reach out to me, or the studio directly.  They are taking orders and all the money goes towards a great cause.  So go ahead and order yourself some throw pillows!

spun goods event




vermilion, blood orangephoto via Caan Design.  By Jamie Bush & Co. Why, hello there.

How is everyone? In light of the recent snowstorm we just experienced, I thought I would warm things up with a bit of colour inspiration.

I'm officially in love with this interior above.  Which is quite surprising since I've been all-rustic-everything lately.  I love the juxtaposition of natural materials and industrial finishes in this photo.  The b&w abstract painting against the wood console + paneling create such an interesting mix of textures and colour.  And of course the gold adds a touch of bling to the photo which I can't be mad at.  It's rather delicious, I think.  And I'm calling this colour vermilion.  I could be wrong, but apparently there are a hundred shades of vermilion.  Some are more of a vibrant red and others more of a blood orange.  Either way, I think it's lovely.  I really need to add some colour into my home and wardrobe and this is a great hue to mix with tan, black or white. Feelin' it?


Stay warm, people! xo

sources: 1. Moccasins via Joe Fresh 2. Cann Shift Dress via Anthropologie 3. Handmade Trivet via Baba Souk 4. Crosbody Bag by Marc Jacobs via Shopbop

Fashion Inspired Blush and Black

Okay, I know this colour combo is no new thing.  And I still can't figure out if her skirt is more of a baby pink or blush but regardless,  Jessica's NYFW ensemble has re-ignited my love for blush and black.  I'm loving how she mixed a cropped sweater with a soft and flowy skirt.  She looks simple and chic à la Audrey Hepburn. Perhaps it was this photo combined with my quest to find the perfect wedding colour because I'm seriously crushing on blush right now.  It's super girly, soft and versatile enough for all seasons.  And I think that goes for fashion and interiors.  What do you think?

I've rounded up some other inspiring images:

My bedroom is currently black and white and I would love to mix in some blush tones to soften up the space. Also, I would LOVE to find a vintage wool blazer or coat in the same colour. So tell me, love it or hate it? Do you have any blush tones in your home or closet? I would love to know!

Sources: top photo | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Project Designer Swap

I'm super excited to share one of the many projects I've been working on for months now. One of my besties just launched her own fashion blog and I was thrilled when she approached me to help out with the creative direction. My background is in graphic design and marketing so throw fashion into the mix and I get super excited! The blog features Anh and Linh, 2 sisters who are a decade apart but share the same love for fashion and designer consignment pieces.

Since they are similar in size, they share the same closet. Ummmm, isn't that amazing? I wish I had a sister to share clothes with, imagine how much money you would save! So make sure to check out Designer Swap and see how two sisters swap their favourite items and rock them in their own unique way.

On another note, don't forget to check back tomorrow for another edition of #ThriftedThursday. Wait until you see this next thrift find, it's a goodie! Also, if you missed the first one with the lovely Laura Collins, you can check it out here.

Happy Hump Day! Have an awesome day xo

The Coveteur

Fashion or decor lovers who haven't yet discovered The Coveteur website, I suggest you check it out. Showcasing the closets and homes of todays fashion icons and tastemakers, it always seems to leave me inspired to either update my wardrobe or re-organize my closet.

One of my favourites on The Coveteur is Lori Levine, the founder of Flying Television:

Source: Lori Levine on The Coveteur

I love the moulding, chandelier, fireplace and herringbone floors. Just WOW. Her closet's not bad either. What would your dream closet look like?

Feeling Tropical

Guess what? I'll be leaving for Costa Rica in 11 days!

This trip has got me thinking about tropical prints and bright colour. It's so interesting to see how the colour trends in fashion influence home decor and I do believe it could be vice versa as well. The 2 worlds definitely influence one another and it's especially evident this season.

Sources: 1. Westin Playa Conchal, we're coming! 2. Carnaby Nesting Trays 3. Ankle Strap Sandal 4. Colour Block Dress 5. Tres Color Pillow 6. Melamine Zig Zag Plate 7. Peggy Knit Shift Dress

I'm loving the bright dresses and shoes and I'm determined to find something ultra-feminine and colourful to wear to this destination wedding. Have you added any colour to your home or closet for Spring? Anyone in the mood to go shopping?

Wishing everyone a good long weekend and Happy Easter!

Spring 2013 Colour Trends

via Pantone

If you haven't already heard, Emerald is Pantone's 2013 Colour of the Year. It seems some in the fashion world have already embraced this trend however, I'm curious to see if graphic designers and interior decorators will be incorporating this lively colour within their projects this year. In addition to Emerald, Pantone has also highlighted 9 other colours set to be making headlines this spring.

What do you think about Emerald and the Spring colour trends?

I love Emerald mixed with Black and White...

via www.satisfashion.org

And can't forget about the Gents. Love the nectarine mixed with shades of blue...

via www.gq.com

Love the softness of dusk blue here...

via www.onsitearchitecture.com

and here...

via www.etsy.com

I love the combo of turquoise and greyed jade here...

via www.trendecoration.com

and I adore the mix of navy and emerald...

via www.danyastapleton.com

via www.eclecticlivinghome.wordpress.com

It's definitely fun to see what's new and exciting in the trend department but I've never been one to follow trends so closely and obsess about what's 'in'. I think it's important to pick the colours that you love and work within your home or wardrobe.

Happy Hump Day All! xoxo

CAFTCAD Movie Wardrobe Sale

CAFTCAD is the Canadian Alliance of Film & Television Costume Arts & Design. It is an association focused on promoting local talent, providing a forum for networking and shared learning in costume design for film, television and the media.

Their vision is to "increase awareness and the value of costume arts and design as a powerful element in the collaborative process of filmmaking; furthering international recognition of the creative talent we have in Canada" - Source: CAFTCAD Website

On Saturday October 20th, I attended my first ever CAFTCAD Movie Wardrobe Sale. This was located at 225 Commissioners Street, right by all the film studios. Unaware of the prices, I have to admit I brought more than I usually can afford to spend. But what a pleasant surprise it was! Prices were AH-MAZING. Like racks of clothes for $5. My girlfriend found me an almost-new Zara blazer for $5 and she scored an even newer down filled Perry Ellis winter coat for $10! Yup, THAT kind of amazing. I would say there were about 20 booths total and I was intrigued by almost every booth! More than what I can say about the last Vintage Clothing Show. If you love vintage shopping or even a great deal, I suggest you check this out next time. Below are some pics for your viewing pleasure:

Mad Woman

I'm just another Mad Men fan. But it's not just because of the dapper Don Draper. Seeing as I LOVE vintage fashion and Interior Design, I'm THAT person who while I'm watching the show will say, "omg, I love that rug" or "omg, did you see Megan's shoes?". It's come to the point where I don't say anything anymore because I would be talking during most of the show which would be uber annoying.

When Banana Republic came out with part 1 and 2 of the Mad Men collection, I was in love with many of their pieces, but now that much time has passed (I believe the show left off in the late 60's) I can't wait to see how everyone's style has evolved. I'm a big fan of Joan's figure hugging pieces, but I adore Megan Drapers style. Her Mod look is definitely reminiscent of the late 60's and early 70's. LOVE.

Ok, so now for the goods. Banana Republic will be releasing their Mad Men Collection part trois in March. But instead of the wool cardigans and Jackie O blazers, their inspiration has been drawn from Megan's character. I'm curious to see the collection and how it will be received by shoppers. Also, this reveal couldn't have come at a better time since bright colour blocking is back in. I can't wait to see how Banana will incorporate this mod look into their line of clothing which is so well known for clean lines and classic pieces. Here's an exclusive sketch from Banana Republic:

Source: www.elle.com

I'm super excited for this, only about 4 more months to go!