Happy Holidays!

How is tomorrow Christmas Eve?! I feel like Christmas snuck up on me this year and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. Am I right or am I right? :)

photo by:  The Love Studio  |  Venue:  Yoga Yoga Studio   |  Styling: Amy Carrillo

photo by: The Love Studio |  Venue: Yoga Yoga Studio  |  Styling: Amy Carrillo

photo by:  The Love Studio  |  Venue:  Yoga Yoga Studio   |  Styling: Amy Carrillo

photo by: The Love Studio |  Venue: Yoga Yoga Studio  |  Styling: Amy Carrillo

I just wanted to take some time and thank you, my readers. Every single way that you support me and Love On Sunday, whether it's a referral or a comment on my recent project, honestly means so much. So, THANK YOU. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours,
Amy Carrillo

P.S. The above print is a free printable available in 2 sizes. The above is an IKEA frame. Download it here.

Merry Magazine and A Holiday Centrepiece

merry magazine Happy Monday!  Today I am SO excited to share with you the launch of Merry.  An online holiday magazine created by Melissa of The Sweet Escape.  Whether you're into traditional or modern decor, handmade or vintage, we're hoping these pages will inspire you to try something new or encourage you to get crafty this holiday season.  Myself and 15 other bloggers have been busy creating, styling and photographing our projects and we hope you love what you see.  Check out the Merry Mag here.

This holiday season, I wanted to create a centrepiece that combined organic textures with geometric design.  During a walk one afternoon, I picked up some branches which I thought were so beautiful.  They were so worn out and weathered but the texture really caught my eye.

Merry Magazine Holiday Centrepiece, Loveonsunday

I placed them in a glass vase and held them in place with some rocks.  And since I love white, I decided to fold several origami gems (I used these templates from minieco) and hung them from the branches.

Merry Magazine Holiday Centrepiece, Loveonsunday

Since my table is a 6-seater, I've always had a difficult time trying to find the right centrepiece to fill the space.  I love how large it is, it's the perfect focal point for my dining room.

Merry Magazine Holiday Centrepiece, Loveonsunday

Merry magazine holiday centrepiece

Merry magazine holiday centrepiece

Don't forget to check out the other projects in the magazine to get you inspired for the holiday season ---->  #merrymag 

merry magazine

Be Jolly

holiday art, free printable I LOVE Christmas.  It's less than 2 months away I'm slowly starting to get my space ready.  Today I'm sharing a sneak peek of what's coming tomorrow, Monday November 17th.  The #MerryMag is an online magazine featuring 15 other bloggers sharing their handmade, DIY projects for the holiday season.  So if you haven't started "Christmasing" (is that even a word?!) your home, I'm sure you'll find tons of inspiration to get you started!  So make sure to check back here on Monday for the official launch and to check out another project I've worked on for the magazine.

holiday art free printable

Since I live in a small condo, I don't really have a lot of horizontal spaces to decorate.  I was always disappointed about not having a mantle or a fireplace but now that I have a long console table in the hallway, I have ample space to create some interesting vignettes as the seasons change.  I decided to create simple text art using the words, "BE JOLLY".  It's the last thing I see before I leave and the first thing I see when I get home – a perfect message for the holiday season.

holiday art free printable

holiday art free printable

If you like it, download it.  I've created my holiday art as a free printable!  It's available in 2 sizes:  8"x10" and 11.75"x11.75".  Photo is shown in 11.75" format, using a 20" square Ikea Ribba frame.

Download the Be Jolly Holiday Printable here.

Printable Tags For Your Homemade Gifts

free printable gift tags for christmas One of my favourite Christmas memories as a little girl was wrapping presents.  Our living room would be filled with gift wrap, boxes and little embellishments to make your presents extra special.  My Mom collected little ornaments and floral pieces to use as gift toppers and let me tell ya, this has really rubbed off on me.

And since my goal this Christmas is to make most of my presents, I thought why not create some homemade tags to go with them!  I scored an amazing stack of card stock at the Dollar Store for $2 and went to town.  I've created 2 versions and 2 sizes.  The first size (2.5") fits into most mason jar covers.  Just cut them out, pop them in and you're done!

Special thanks to my friend Monda who gave me this delicious jar of homemade apple butter to use in my photo.  I had to use some trickery for this photograph because that jar is pretty much done.  Homemade presents are the best aren't they?

gift tag printable

I've also created smaller tags (1.5" round) which can be used for other homemade gifts.

christmas gift tag printables

christmas gift tags, free printables

And it's yours to print for free!  Simply click on the link below to download the PDF file.  Enjoy!