An oldie but goodie

"Es-ca-pade / we'll have a good time / Es-ca-pade / leave your worries behind"

This song comes to mind when I think of my vintage shopping excursions. Why? because it makes me so ridiculously happy! Ever since I was a little girl, my Mom used to take me to consignment shops and second-hand stores. Since then, it's always been my dream to own a vintage shop with furniture, decor, clothing and all things old and beautiful. I feel like every piece has it's own story and that story continues with us. Some of you may recognize these photos since I posted them on my old blog but I couldn't resist re-posting since they bring back such fond memories.

Oh, and if you still haven't figured out which song I'm referring to, just scroll down to the end. I've included the video for your viewing pleasure :)