A Fresh Start

a fresh start Happy Thursday everyone!  Today I have some exciting news to share, something I've been pretty stoked about for weeks - I started a new job!

But first, here's some background so you can get a better feel of my excitement: my previous job had minimal creative work and to be honest, the work I was creating didn't really excite me. I absolutely loved the people there but I didn't feel challenged or fulfilled. I needed a change. This had been my feeling for quite some time. I've been taking freelance jobs for over a decade, trying to expand my portfolio in order to help land my dream job or something that was a huge step in the right direction for me. I worked my butt off & spent countless hours behind the computer.

fresh start

Now I feel like my hard work has finally paid off because yesterday was the first day of my new job as Designer for Joe Fresh, e-commerce! It's a great Canadian company and there will definitely be challenges and so much to learn from this growing team! Also, I'm now commuting to work via GO train, something I've never done before. My office is a gorgeous old building with tons of natural light & since it's in the heart of downtown, I'll finally get to explore a little more (the restos might be dangerous though).

a fresh start

So please excuse my grammar/spelling mistakes as I will probably be posting via cellphone...on the train...like right now.

And I'm off to work now, have a great day everyone!